Saturday, June 6

Our Life at SMR

We are campground hosting at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA of the Rockies and this is our 3rd year. It is certainly not the same without our good friends Lum and Donna Ellis who stayed in Pass Christian MS this year to deal with serious health issues. There have been numerous times we have said "Lum would have had that issue taken care of by now." And I called the switchboard this morning and had to concentrate very hard to understand the foreign sounding voice on the other end. Donna speaks very clearly and in English! Lum and Donna are also our bridge partners so we may not get to play bridge till next summer or make another trip to Mississippi.
The weather has been colder than normal right along with the rest of the upper half of the country. We have not worn shorts once since arriving and I have a jacket on this very minute. We do have a couple of staff excursions coming up that should add to our fun. On Thursday next we will be going to the Celestial Tea Factory for a tour and on the 17th we will be going to a dinner theater in Boulder to see "Annie".

Our kids Gary and Susan are coming the first part of July and there are plenty of things to keep the energizer bunny busy. It should be a fun,fun week.

The campground has been rather light duty but is starting to pick up. There are some very hardy folks who will sit at their picnic table enjoying breakfast with the temperature no more than 40 degrees. Yup, it is a dry cold!!!

I will be posting to as many of the blogs as I can handle so check them all out. I will try not to cheat and duplicate. is the other one getting the most attention presently. Don Loring is doing a great job on the Magnolia one and I will most likely leave it to him too.

Thursday, June 4

Days off

We have had the last 4 days off and that always makes me feel like a slacker. I have been able to get lots done at home. I will be conducting a Swedish weaving class next week so I made up 10 kits. Sure hope that is enough.

Wednesday, June 3

Good Morning!

Butch had a grumble day yesterday...the water pressure is too low...the electricity is inadequate... the weather was cold and wet...this too shall pass. We work weekends and we like it like that. It is the busiest time and the days go fast. Snow mountain Ranch is busy but the campground is slow right now. It should pick up in a week or two as the weather moderates.
I have been working on the next wedding afghan for granddaughter Ann and Anthony. It is coming along nicely and the cooler weather gives me more weaving time. Gotta get dressed now and get to breakfast before the several hundred kids get there!

Tuesday, June 2

Settling In

This male bluebird had a worm in his mouth waiting for his mate to feed her. We watched the transfer.

The hummers are here in full force. This is the first of many.