Friday, August 25

Paint projects

I found myself with an over abundance of metal coffee cans and have looked for a craft project to use them. So now they are painted and ready for next years spectacular display. They will be planted with flowers and be proudly displayed. I do believe they deserve a nicer palette. Don't you?😉
 And I have a new planter to replace the orange one that has seen better days. They come in black so I painted this one too. We will look all new and spiffy next Spring! This year I held back because I knew the siding and painting projects were going to be hard on any plantings or arrangements I might have.

Nana Susan says...

"This was taken by our pastor's wife who works for the district on Leo's first day of school.  Our cute little guy looks pretty "chillaxed"!!  :-) "

Wednesday, August 23

A Free Day and with Photos

It is rare these days to have a free day with out somewhere to go. But today is one of those beautiful days! Butch is golfing and I rode my beautiful bike to Winkleman's Switch and took a few more photos than usual along the way. As I was riding along I was musing on how old my bike actually is and I figure it is at the very least 27 years old!
Today was a gorgeous day on the trail. 10:00 AM start- No breeze, or very little-sunshine overheard- moderate temps in the 70's. Could not be more perfect!
I stopped in a few places that were different for me, stood in one spot and took photos all around me.

At Winkleman's Switch- Soybean field

As I came back to town I spotted these quail on the trail and they seem to have very little concern for me although they did keep their distance. I was very happy that they slowed up enough for me to get their picture!
Northern Bobwhite Quail
And then after researching, I find out this quail is relatively rare!

Pantry Project Completed

These are pictures of the new pantry. This tiny house of ours is packed with storage!

Eclipse Light

The eclipse in Jefferson Iowa was supposed to be 94.4 complete and that was enough to suit us although a total would have been completely cool, of course. As it turned out it was a stormy, rainy, cloudy day with only brief bits of sunlight shining through. You could tell an unusual event was taking place but it lacked pizzazz. Jason provided us with a welding plate that allowed us to look at the sun directly and that was indeed spectacular but the moments that we could see the sun were very quickly over. When the light was at its weirdest I took a couple of photos and that is what these are.

Sunday, August 20

A new trend in underwear!

Take note Grandmothers with Grandsons. When little Leo was here, he was bragging on his new underwear. He had new boxers and was showing them to anyone who showed even the slightest interest. They are kinda cool because they look like shorts instead of underwear and they usually have a super hero theme of some sort. Leo loved his boxers. His Nana Susan said they had lessened his
 "underwear adjustments" and that is always a good thing.

Keri was going to take her oldest Grandson Brady on a school clothes-buying expedition so I was telling her about the boxers. She picked up some for Brady to see if he liked them and it seems he does. Here is a picture of Brady in his new boxers. So if you Grandma's want to be a different kind of hero pick up a package of boxers for your Grandsons. (Age-appropriate, of course)😁


I planned to put this at the bottom of the last post but hit the button too quick!

Yesterday I rode to Winkleman's Switch in the early AM and was treated with a view of the geese again. This time there were only five and they were in the open but still flying low. It was a foggy, misty morning so I had not brought my camera but they would have been too quick for me anyway.

I have been finally getting to the pantry Butch made for me. It is sanded, painted and has one coat of polyurethane. A couple more coats of poly and I will be ready to put it to use.
Mickey texted me yesterday and asked if I wanted some rocks. I said yes if I could get Butch to help me. He was at the golf course at the time and when he came home I told him I planned to make his favorite casserole, Runza casserole. And that cheered him up enough to say yes to the rocks. I can always find places for rocks.

A Day for Pictures and other stuff

 Miniature Hollyhocks. I do not think that is exactly what they are but was told that a long time ago.

Looked at this shot a few days ago and thought I should get a shot of it. Done!

And then I looked up.↑

Both of us have seen this toad on occasion. Butch saw him in the garage one day.and I saw him in the iris. Today he was near the geraniums.