Friday, October 12

Information Street

Butch and I headed out for a walk after getting our MoHo patient settled into her bay for the day. It is a busy intersection and stretch of road that we walk on. Its redeeming value is that it has wide shoulders which helps the safety factor. We were only a block from Coachlight when a trucker stopped to ask where his turn (Carthage Mill) was located. Yes, Butch could tell him and he wasn't very far from it. We then proceeded to the intersection where we read the directions to a multi-family yard sale. We were going to wait for a lady in a car but she motioned us on and then rolled down her window asking about directions to the yard sale. Since we had read the info we could tell her. Then a fellow across the intersection hollered at us asking how to get to Springfield. He had missed a turn onto I-44 off of 71 hwy. Butch also helped him with new directions! All this happened within a five minute period. He should have charged at least a quarter!!

Thursday, October 11

A Day Off

Today we get a day off because the shop was overbooked for today and the paint needs to cure before they put on the diamond coat. The diamond coat is a clear plastic layer that covers the front of the motorhome. So I believe the plan is for Butch to play golf and I am going to take a walk, do 4 loads of laundry, finish up a Swedish weaving project and start another one. Maybe take a few photos or work with ones I have already taken.
I need to get the photos I have on the computer copied to CD's and clean out the computer in preparation for the upcoming season in South Texas.
Speaking of South Texas there is a new website for winter Texans. Go check it out at Welcome to the Winter Texans


We are on our third day in the waiting room waiting for our patient to be finished with her cosmetic surgery. She still needs some work on her legs and a few other minor issues. It is very similar to having someone in the hospital. She isn't in a bed but she is in a bay and the motorhome doctors are going over her with a fine-toothed comb. We do hope to be finished by evening. We are getting a bit tired of waiting.
We did go to Joplin shopping this morning and that helped.

Monday, October 8

Mickey's question

Since Mickey asked the question about what we do while our motorhome is being repaired I thought others might also wonder. Her question and my answer are below
From my friend Mickey
"Enjoyed reading the journal. So glad you are doing it. I so often wonder where you are and what you are doing. Like having the map, also. Where do you stay when your house is being worked on? Do they ever keep it over night? What about Angel?"
My answer:
They always get it back to us at closing time. Right now we are sitting here with only one headlight because of the preliminary work on our repair. We must get it back to them at 8:00 AM in the morning. Angel stays in it but we shut her in the bedroom. She doesn't like it!! We go shopping or sit in their lounge area. The sofa's are comfy. Coachlight RV in Carthage MO is excellent on service. We had heard that before we purchased our RV here and we have found it to be true. Our warranty expires in November so we purchased an extended warranty from them with all the confidence that they will continue to take good care of us.