Friday, August 27

Bonfire pictures

Butch and Ted get the fire going. Ted knows how to fan the flames!

Workampers Ronni and Rob enjoy the music.

Emma, grandaughter of Jack and Jan Matthias is working on S'mores.

Thursday, August 26

24 hours

I kept getting a message that my pictures I was trying to upload were "server rejected". I was puzzled. Rejected by who? Verizon? I finally traced it down and I was being rejected by Blogger which is a part of Google. It seems you have a limited amount of space for pictures and when you exceed that you are rejected. I can buy more space which I have but it might take as long as 24 hours before it shows up in my account. So if you ae looking for the pictures I tried to post they are most likely not there. It seems I can post text and that is why you are getting this message.
Hope all is back to normal by tomorrow. Smileycons! Just testing....

Wednesday, August 25

Thunder Bay is featured on M-Live

Thunder Bay is featured on M-Live and the phones have been ringing for reservations. Check it out. I am tickled pink we will be here for the fall colors and bugling elk.

Music, Bonfire and S'mores

Butch and I  were asked if we could help with a bonfire last night. That seemed like easy duty and we all know there is nothing on TV to distract us so we jumped at the chance. Silverfox played his beautifully haunting flute music, a few S'mores and the company of a group from Alpine Pleasure Tours made for a pleasant and relaxing evening.
Butch being the firebug that he is loved making the bonfire and I took more than a few pictures.
This is a lovely shot of pinecones burning. For some strange reason I am getting a server rejection notice on pictures I am attempting to upload so I will try again later. Check in later for more pictures.

Tuesday, August 24

A couple more

I have whipped out a couple more bracelets. I am getting faster. These do not hurt my wrist.

Monday, August 23

Update from my friend Kay

Kay and Bill are our age and there are only two people in their current household. I am not sure I would let him out of my sight!
Latest from Kay:
I do have to tell you that Bill is at it again. Yesterday he came home with 34 ears of sweet corn, (all you could get in a bag for a $1.00). Of course he got 2 bags. They had red potatoes for 5 cents a pound, so of course we got two bags which totaled 25 pounds for $1.30. I have the biggest head of cabbage, that will take me at least 3 weeks to use up, a head of lettuce, 2 pounds of baby carrots, and celery Hey there is hope he only got 1 dozen eggs. He is bragging as he got all this for $9.70.
Hey do not laugh        I NEED HELP!!!!!


Fellow workamper Jan has the weirdest looking shoes that she says are extremely comfortable. So I took a couple pictures of them to share with you. The website for the shoes can be found here:

Stumbled upon

I stumbled upon a website where he makes a short movie of the places he and his lovely young wife have visited. I thought you might like to see Mackinac Island from his perspective.

Full Day

Butch put in 10 hours yesterday. That does not happen often. He did 4 hours of mowing greens and 6 hours of rangering. I did some blogging then worked on bracelets.
Oh and we worked in a walk and breakfast at a local restaurant too. While we were on our walk I noticed a smell that was not easily identified. Finally it dawned on us that it was from the power plant. The Alpena power plant is located in Hillman and they grind up wood chips. The ground up wood chips is what we were smelling. Not an altogether unpleasant smell but quite powerful. I imagine the humidity had something to do with the intensity of it. I did notice it was better than the rotting corn smell we got from the elevator in Cumberland IA when they cleaned out the bins in the fall. That was always pretty disgusting and it seemed to last for weeks.
Our plans for today include the demise of some spider houses. I was going to put a really neat photo of a spider web in here but copyright issues cropped into my head so you will have to rely on your imagination of a dew covered spider web of beautiful proportions.
Baby Elise looking serious

Sunday, August 22

Latest Elise

From proud Grandpa Gary

With Grandma Susan

Movie and Ice Cream

Went to see Nanny McPhee, small cee-Big pee. You know about that if you had seen the first one. Good movie. I like kids movies. Butch liked it too. Especially the synchronized swimming pigs. We went with Tom and Wanda Burnell and Rob and Ronni Silver-fellow workampers. After the movie we went for ice cream at North Country. Very pleasant afternoon.