Saturday, July 1

Donn Gordon, Jason Brooker, Peggy Gordon
My good friend Peggy Gordon!!

Friday, June 30

Sister Myrla's baby Hewy and cat tippy

Friend Sherry Pitzen from rural Hamburg Iowa sent these pictures of her husband Tony feeding the local deer.

Thursday, June 29

It has been a busy week with activities every day. Today I dropped off my bedspread to be drycleaned. Only in a small town do you drop off your dry cleaning at J & J Meats & Catering! That struck my funny bone! I may even go back and buy some meat!! Peggy and I picked some raspberries along the bike trail...Butch and I bought two flat panel tv's to replace the head bangers we have in the motorhome. Like I say it has been a busy, busy week.
We enjoyed a wonderful rainbow a few days ago
Jason and Donn check out the iceberg
This is a figurine that spent many years at the bottom of the ocean aboard the Titantic. They gave each of us a ticket of one of the real passengers aboard the ship. It was interesting to find out the fate of the passenger whose ticket you were holding.
Jason, Laura, Donn, Peggy, Butch and I went to the Science Center in Des Moines to see the Titantic Exhibit. We started off with the IMAX presentation and the screen is the largest I have ever seen. Here Donn, Peggy and Jason are presenting the weather while Laura looks on.
At the Science Center in Des Moines
We got ever more creative with this feature at the Science Center in Des Moines. Jason is listening.
This is Butch if you can believe it!

Tuesday, June 27

Sunday, June 25

Class of '61 PHOTOS

I have put a Class of '61 folder on the Webshots site with the best of the pictures I took throughout the reunion and if others will send me their pictures I will add them as I receive them.
It was a great reunion and I enjoyed it more than any other
I have ever attended. We are all older and much more relaxed with ourselves and each other...or maybe it's just me!;-)
This reunion was spread out over three days and some might think that would be too long but with time comes a more relaxed connection and a better chance to learn more about each other. It was well planned and executed by all those in charge while the rest of us enjoyed all the fruits of their labors. Top notch in every way.