Sunday, June 6

Probably not hard to tell I have most of the work caught up! I went up to Mom's 'old place' to return a garage door opener and check to see if Bob had picked up his pick-up yet...he hasn't. His roses are looking quite spectacular as always so I snitched a few. I may sneak back to town for one of his peaches too if we are near enough at the right time of year. Today Butch is washing on the motorhome...again!
Butch's birthday is Wednesday and the sale is next Saturday. Big week for us.

Bob's Roses Posted by Hello

Kitchen Window Posted by Hello
We went to Boone yesterday to see the house Jason and Laura purchased. It is a beautiful home and should be very comfortable for them. They do not close on the house until August 15th so moving day is a ways off yet. That gives them time to condense and compile their accumulated 'stuff'. I love their kitchen with its big picture window to the backyard. It is perfect for enjoying a second cup of coffee and watching the birds.

Jason and Laura's New Home Posted by Hello