Friday, December 27

Blast from our past

Let me take you back a few years. Pecan Bill had an Oooga Horn on his golf cart. Kay hated it. He would come home and blast his arrival  and she would jump out of her skin. As we were gathered together "somebody" and I truthfully do not remember who, stuffed a potato in Bill's Ooga horn so of course we had to see what happened when we blew the horn with the potato in it. And here is the video...

Who says we do not have fun in our old age.

Leo's First Haircut

                                                    Leo and his dad, Brad

Thursday, December 26

Ice Balls

This a cute and clever idea if you are living in a cold enough climate. My friend Peggy's daughter in law Kristi in Nevada decorated her yard with ice balls. Then we sent a picture to Jason and Laura because we thought it was an idea they might run with and indeed they did. The pictures above are from Jason and Laura's yard. It is a simple concept. Fill a balloon with colored water and let it freeze. They end up looking like glass. Cool, Huh!

Christmas Video from Gary!!

 Links to new video with new camera

Babysitting Leo

Elise 1st gift

Sled Gift

Wednesday, December 25

Ethan the Tool Man

He has the look of confidence! Need something fixed? Ethan is your man.

I have a head cold

Smileycons! I have a head cold- not the worst I have ever had but still not fun. I do not feel like blogging and you will be peeved Susan VH. Not today-maybe tomorrow.
I did not attend Christmas dinner in Allen Hall because I did not want to infect anyone.
Stay Well

Tuesday, December 24

Missouri Christmas Eve

 Gary, Susan,Elise and Leo-Now they each have a child to carry...I suppose they switch off now and then

Dr. Elise

What is the first diagnosis she makes with her new clinic and doctors kit?? Papa has "no hair-atosis." He needed a shot to make his hair grow!

Clean out

I have not sent out individual emails for a very long time. But recently I decided to clean out my contact list. There are people in there I do not even recognize! So I went through my contact list and sent the Christmas letter to all I knew and cared about. Now I will be able to do some deep cleaning when I receive all the failure to deliver notices...and there are quite a few! So if I missed you- I am sorry but send me an email and we will get you right back in there.
Also, another issue surfaced as I was doing this- I am in touch with many of you through Facbook but I do not have an email address for you. Sometimes you may want to send a private message to someone that you do not want the world to see on Facebook. So if you are one of those people and you know it please send me an email ( ) I do like to stay in touch with all of you.

Merry Christmas Letter of 2013

    For the past few years I have passed on the Christmas letter because of the blog at I used to send out nudges so you would check in on the blog and get caught up on what we were doing. And then I placed the little address thingie at the bottom of the blog page whereby you can put your email address in the slot and hit submit and then you would get the blog entries in your email. So there are plenty of options for you all to keep up with our activities. I have kept the blog since 2002! Unbelievable!
    So I am still expecting you to find your way to the blog for in depth reporting but here is the short of it. The house we bought in the fall of 2010 in Jefferson Iowa, our hometown, has been gutted and transformed by us, with a little help from our friends, into our cozy little bungalow. We have two full hook up RV pads in the backyard. One is designated for our rig but the other one can be open for those who would like to come spend some time with us in their RV. Now if you do not own an RV but would still like to come see us and stay for a bit you can have your choice of house or RV. We are more than comfy in either one.

    Our youngun's are not so young anymore and are now having grandchildren. Rich, our son in Georgia, and his wife Donna have 3 gorgeous granddaughters, Nina, Scarlett and Skylar. Gary, our son in Missouri, and his wife Susan have 2 grandchildren, sweet, beautiful Miss Elise and little Leo, the wonder baby. Jason, our son in Iowa, and his wife Laura have one grandson Ethan. Jason and Ethan have been bonded since birth. It is great fun watching your children be grandparents and enjoying every minute of it.

    Butch is still enjoying playing golf and pool mixed in with a card game now and then. Fortunately we both like projects, our next big one will be a 3 season room on the back of our house. We will mix smaller projects in now and again.
    I am still beading, teaching computer classes, photography,walking, Swedish weaving and playing pool now and then.
   Butch and I have carved out a life for ourselves that we both enjoy and have been doing so for nearly 55 years. That too seems unbelievable!
So this Christmas season of 2013 cherish every moment and create as many of those precious memories as possible to sustain you in your old age.
Much Love to all of you,
Barb and Butch

Monday, December 23


Elise is doing a good job writing her name.

I love Alice Potterloop

Sunday, December 22

On our walk today...

On our walk today we toyed with the idea of going back north for Christmas. Not this year but perhaps next year. We haven't had a northern Christmas for at least 10 years now and we do have little great grands to see having the Christmas experience and that would be a sleigh load of fun. We talk when we walk and so this idea may just be talk and not come to anything. But then again a seed may be planted. We shall see.

Christmas in Missouri

From Gary:

Susan did a good job on the house for Christmas. Here are a few shots with our new camera.

Thanks Gary!

From son Gary in Peculiar MO

You should come visit a while to get some perspective on your "weather jail" periods.
 I know Jason's weather is worse than mine!