Thursday, February 19

Butch and Bill Brooker

Butch and his brother Bill participated in the Senior Olympic Golf event in the Rio Grande Valley. They shot a respectable 75 on the Las Lagos Golf Course.

Wednesday, February 18

Old Time Photo

I always look at the old time picture on the Des Moines Register website and on Valentines Day I noticed in the upper left hand corner on this picture that it looked like it says Teddy Brooker on that Valentine sack. Cannot be sure though so what do you think? It may be Brooks which is much more common. Anyway I loved the picture. Sure brought back memories.

From 1955: Here is the caption that ran with this photo on Feb. 14, 1955: "Schoolrooms throughout Des Moines Monday - St. Valentine's Day - were decked with paper hearts and lacy paper frills, and into paper sack "mailbags" were stuffed many a finger-smudged envelope and crayoned message of love. These young first-grade romancers at Longfellow School, 820 E. Seventh St., were typical of small patrons of the saint in Des Moines schools. They are Susan Shutt and Jimmy Morgan."

Tuesday, February 17

Baby Pictures

Baby Lukas, grandson of friend Sherri Clark is not feeling well. I have a good idea that you will never have to wonder what is on this boys mind

And below we have the grandchildren(Delaney and Hayden) of friend Connie Jones. What is more fun than a grandchild? Two grandchildren!

What has happened?

What has happened to me? I used to be fairly organized, prompt, dependable and a few other adjectives. The days are whizzing by and I am not getting much done it seems. I always have such good intentions but the next thing I know a nap sounds like a good idea and boom it is time to go to bed.
But here I go again trying to turn over a new leaf and set a goal of posting something to the two major blogs for me every day. I suppose my bad habits have earned me a few less loyal readers and if so I fear I deserve it.
Yesterday I was reminded of a photo I took awhile back. We were at Pepe's on the River, a bar,dance hall, loud music, food and drink kind of place and we were there with 10 or 12 people when we look over at the next table and saw a man and woman reading a book! Yup, reading a book!
Here is the proof.