Friday, February 10

Nancy and Jerry Armstrong

Donn and Peggy had company this week from Panora Iowa. Nancy, Donn's sister, and her husband Jerry came in hopes of seeing the typical South Texas sunshine. It didn't work as we have had a very cool and rainy week. I sure hope they come again to see the best of the Rio Grande Valley. Yesterday we went to Thompson's orchard so they could load up on citrus before taking off this morning for Iowa. After the trip to the orchard we had a tasty lunch at Fat Daddy's followed by a potluck supper at Allen Hall. The weather may have been a disappointment but they were certainly well fed.

Thursday, February 9

#*&$ weather

It really isn't too much of a bother to me. I have plenty of sit down inside things to keep me busy but it sure starts to wear on many people and make them a tad crabby . We have had a longer than normal stretch of cold and rainy weather. Now the locals are tickled pink as this rain has been a long time coming and is sorely needed. So we need to sit back and be happy for them. BUT the folks who have come to the valley for the first time are not getting the best of it.
Butch's sister Marlene and her husband Bernard have come to the valley for many, many years but they said if they had went by the weather the first year they were here they would have never come back. We who have come many times know we have plenty of sunny skies in our future.
Butch was supposed to play golf in the Senior Olympics today but for the first time ever they have postponed it till next Wednesday. The weather for that day is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny.

Things you could do today:
Play cards with friends
Check out the pool hall and play a game or two
Go to a matinee
Cribbage in the little hall at 1:00 PM
Potluck in Allen Hall at 5:00 PM
Watch the mixed league players in the blue hall at 6:30 PM.
Also the South Texas Whiskey band will be practicing in Allen Hall after potluck and they welcome listeners.

Sunday, February 5

Weather Break

So the weather turned yesterday from one where the air conditioner feels pleasant to where the furnace and warm clothing both feel good. It rained pretty steady throughout the night slowing down around sunrise. It gives us the kind of day we would call a snow day in the north. Coats and jackets are needed if you venture outdoors but it is much nicer to stay inside and  veg out. I have finished one bracelet and plan to start another here soon. Playing some pretty steady Words with Friends. And Butch and I are listening to the book "Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett.  Add to this Butch watching a golf tourney on the limited television we have here. We thought we would try to get by without satellite TV this winter and see how it goes. We are usually too busy to watch much of it and there isn't much that interests me even with the satellite. So the final answer is we do miss some things but not much and it really isn't hurting us much doing without it. Many times Butch will come home and it will not be turned on. I guess what I am saying is that if he didn't turn it on I doubt that I would.