Monday, August 8

Looked back

I looked back at some pictures and realized several days were missing from my journal/Blog. As an aside, I do refer back to entries when I need to remember things.
Friday, Butch, Karla, and I went on the Highway 141 garage sale. This is an 80 mile long garage sale from Grimes Iowa to Manning Iowa. We have done it before and we never last the 80 miles
We do 18 miles both directions. And that is plenty! We start at Hwy 4 south of Jefferson and this year we went west to Bayard and then back east to Jamaica for a tenderloin at ToJos' and then east to Dawson and back to Hwy 4, stopping at all the garage sales along the way and there are plenty of them
 The photo below was taken at one of the last stops we made. We made several purchases and I planned to take a picture of our booty but ran out of "want to". Suffice it say we did not spend much but took home plenty!

Saturday Butch headed out to Omaha to do an electrical project for Emily and Joe. Emily is Leo and Keri's youngest daughter. So I had some alone time. I made good use of it with housecleaning and a bit of shopping. Anymore it takes both of us to get any one-person job done so being apart is a challenge for both of us.
Below are this morning's trail pics. A walking day.

This is an ornamental grass I wish I knew the name.

The dew was sparkling on the pampas grass this morning.

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