Wednesday, July 14

Jason is doing fine by the way. He will be having more tests tomorrow. He is back to work today and they are still planning on moving this weekend.
This was from a friend and I appreciated his boyhood memory. Enjoy!

As three barefoot neighboring farm boys, we spent considerable time together when we weren't working. On occasion we had what was considered barn yard competition.

We took turns....
Two of us would sit on the fence and watch the third who was blind folded. The challenge for the one with the blindfold was to keep walking and not step in the fresh cow manure.

The two on the fence were to watch for the bull and shout instructions to the third. Those instructions on how to avoid the piles, could be either valid or bogus. Except .....when the bull was actually coming or the one with the blindfold was about to fall in the water tank.

A trip to a nearby creek to wade was usually necessary after the competition.

We couldn't afford to do anything else.

Monday, July 12

Jason has had a bit of a health scare and is in the hospital. Jason and Laura have been busy working on their house, painting and cleaning etc. Early Sunday morning he noticed his heartbeat was irregular. He went to the emergency room and it seems he has or had atrial fibrillation. They were able to regulate and stabilize it with medication but kept him in the hospital for tests this morning. We will know more today hopefully.
Yesterday Butch did some electrical work for them and I cleaned cupboards in between visits to the hospital.