Saturday, April 26

Up to Snuff

I think I am close to being fully up to snuff. Today I did a variety of boring things, like cleaning out flower beds, cleaning some of the motorhome, resewing the mattress in the motorhome. Some of you know about the last item. The new mattress we bought last summer had a malfunction. The main cover on the basic mattress split on the side. I chatted with Overstock and after much hassling back and forth they gave me a $50 compensation. Hey, it started at $20! At any rate something still had to be done. I decided to try sewing it back together with quilting thread and we did that today. I was amazed and pleased with how well it worked. Looks good as new and it appears that it will hold.
Late afternoon Leo called...that would be Big Leo...and he wanted to get a walk in so we walked on the bike trail. I would say we walked a short 2 miles and then we joined Keri at the local BBQ restaurant for supper. We enjoyed the meal and great conversation.
Butch took the checkbook out to pay his dues at the golf course. He came home and said, "That didn't work." It seems we were out of checks and I had not noticed. Perhaps I am not completely back to normal after all.

I am also in the process of shopping for insurance. Dirty job but every now and then you simply must do it. When we turned in our two claims for the windshield-one on the car and one on the motorhome we found out we have a $500 deductible on comprehensive. Butch did not realize this. In the olden days glass was always taken care of. Somewhere the change went past us, so we are looking at $1000 for the two windshields. It seemed our premium was rather high as well thus the search. That is still a work in progress and most likely will be for awhile. Hey, we are retired. We can do this. Still a pain in the butt.
So that was our Friday.
All days are better for me than last Sunday. Of that I am positive!
Add on: I thought I had already posted this. It went into drafts without me noticing...but its here now!

Wednesday, April 23


It isn't often that I blow off the blog but this week I have blown off the blog. I had much bigger issues going on. And they still are to some degree. I have a minimal appetite and no urge to snack. That alone should tell you that I am not up to my usual self. I am regaining my health but it has been much slower than I expect. Cannot quite say it is behind me but I am closer. Yesterday about a half hour on the computer wore me out. But today I have been on it trying to catch up for much longer periods.
Yes, I did have a flu shot for those who wonder. But I do not think flu shots are supposed to stave off stomach flu...unfortunately.
Till next time...

Off My Camera

After Nap Snack

                                 Leo loves to wrestle bears!
                                and open gates...
                                  Toy construction

                                  Just a swingin'

                                Yup, I am one.
                              Papa Gary naps
Redbuds through window

                                       Mom and Dad went to Mexico

Picture Catch up

Amanda and Elise

Elise shares her art work at school. 

Ethan on his egg hunt. Papa Jason helps Ethan. Ethan is becoming such a grown up!

Elise loves "Frozen".

Siblings and good friends.

Leo at one! Been walking for a month!

Leo loves food.

Easter egg hunt for Leo.
It boggles my mind, the things these youngsters do at such a young age.

Tuesday, April 22

I'm Alive! I'm Alive!

I am starting to feel like I may get back my "youthful" vigor. It has not been a fun journey and I do not know how anyone who was the least bit frail could make it through with that ugly bug. I am also way behind on everything and I will not be rushing to catch up. I will take my own sweet time.
So after a bit more healing time you will get another post.
The greatgrands were delightful and there are plenty of pictures available and I will post ASAP.

Monday, April 21

Easter Sunday stomach flu

I am alive but not perky. Yesterday I thought I would die. Today is better but not good. We are headed for Iowa today. Butch will have to get us there on his own. I am not much help. No more posts till I am well.