Friday, September 11

At the Fair

We arrived yesterday, early afternoon. The fair does not start till Saturday but we come early to get a good campsite and party with friends. Dale and Norma Cooklin and Dick and Leslie Cleaveland are here too. Last night we went for a walk,picked up our fair tickets and then went out to eat. Excellent Chinese restaurant.
We were pleased to learn that the fair has free wifi. So we should be able to post freely as well...with pictures asap!
We had hoped to bring the car this year but we are not geared up yet to tow so left it in Jefferson. That is for all you folks in the area of Spencer that were expecting a visit from us.
Oh yes, we had two new tires put on the MoHo yesterday and after getting a closer look at the remaining ones we ordered four more. They looked much worse than we could see at first. We are warned repeatedly with RV's that the miles are not the important part with tires. It is the age. And five years is old. A blowout on an RV usually includes serious damage to the RV so we want to be as safe from that occurring as possible.
More later...

Wednesday, September 9

One of the first...

...leaves to fall.
Not been saying much lately.
Butch and I have returned to our 2 miles a day for a walk. Fortunately the weather has been beautiful. It is amazing how quickly one can take good weather for granted. I am forever grateful for the good days. For one thing I have lived in this part of the country long enough to know how quickly it can change and how long the really icky stuff can hang around for what seems like forever.
Tomorrow we are headed up to Spencer Iowa for the Clay County Fair where we will be meeting up with Magnolia Park friends Dale and Norma Cooklin and Dick & Leslie Cleaveland. I have some photography and Swedish weaving entries this year. Makes it a bit more interesting for me to be there. And it will be good to meet up with old friends.
And today we made another change. We switched our medical doctoring to Jefferson from Atlantic. Eye doctor and dentist have not been changed as yet. It was interesting when I was asked if I was ever a patient there before. I said,"I was born here". So it took awhile but they located all my ancient history.
Till next time...

Tuesday, September 8

Monday, September 7

Happy Times

Ethan's Tears

Every now and then a guy just has to cry. Hope you can see the tears on his right cheek.