Saturday, July 9

Friday Night- Reunion for the class of '61

If you do the math you will realize it is the 55th year since graduation. And if your eyes are still functioning you can see that we have all become of an age. The good news is we are on the right side of the grass.

Phil and Toni Roberts make their way to the center of the festivities.

 Greetings taking place
Donna Kafer Lawson looks over the quilt made by Rozetta Renner Fiscus. It contains many of our signatures and it is done with school colors of red and black.

Kay Snow Taylor

Donna and Anna Oaks Diekman

Anna and Rozetta

Pat Limburg Rusnak and 

My signature

We had a great visit long into the night-9:00 pm!!

Tuesday, July 5


Friday, our Missouri kids, Gary and Susan came to visit over the July 4th holiday. Saturday our Iowa kids Rich and Donna, Jason and Laura, and Karla joined us for fun and games. The guys went golfing and we ladies played Mexican train. We enjoyed steak and pie provided by Keri and Leo for supper along with a few other fixings. We thoroughly enjoyed the day! So much so that I didn't get any pictures!

Each morning I did my usual 6.1 mile bike ride. Saturday Gary and Jason joined me, Sunday just Gary and Monday and this morning, Tuesday, Gary and Susan joined me.
At Daubindiek Park

Jason and Laura

Gary and Susan

This seemed like a pine tree. The needles were soft. Anyone know what the name of it is?

Sunday, Gary, Susan, Jason,Laura, Butch and I toured Jefferson some after the guys played golf. The kids went up in the Mahanay bell-tower, followed by a walk in Daubendiek Park down by the river and a quick view at Henderson Park. We bopped out to Spring Lake to see how many campers were there. (It was full!)
Gary and Susan paddling on Spring Lake

Laura and Jason



Jason broke his paddle so fashioned one out of wood. Typical! That's our boy.
Gary and Susan

Jason and Laura

Bee on Milkweed.

Monday, the guys played golf and then Jason and Laura had purchased a kayak for Laura on Friday so they wanted to kayak at Spring Lake. Gary and Susan went along and rented a paddleboat. Butch and I joined them later and then the guys managed to sneak in 9 more holes of golf. Susan and Laura walked the course with them and I came home and readied supper. Later then, Karla and Devon joined us for fireworks. We went to the Depot area on the bike trail and had an excellent view of the fireworks. We packed a lot into the weekend and it was all fun-filled!
Devon and Karla enjoying the fireworks.
Susan and Gary on this morning's bike ride.