Thursday, November 16

Cool spell and other stuff

It cooled off yesterday which was a pleasant relief. Today the temperature sits at 75 degrees and the humidity is around 20 percent. A near perfect day. Butch is at the golf course so he is a happy camper.
Recently we acquired distant network services through DirecTV. We were required to apply for it through the FCC and it takes about 45 days to get approval. We had such a time of it this summer getting all the networks off the antenna. It seemed we happened to be in the wrong places to get good reception. I applied for DNS service when Butch had surgery because I knew he would be laid up for awhile and TV is important to him. Well, we recently got it after all this time! So now we can get the network TV channels, CBS,NBC,ABC and FOX, from either Los Angeles or New York. It has made for an interesting week. If we miss a show at 7:00 PM our time we can pick it up off the LA channels at 9:00pm. By having it through the satellite we can also get the guide and know what is coming up and that is handy.