Saturday, February 19

South Padre Trip

Finally made it to Dirty Al's for shrimp and it was super good!!

And Butch enjoyed his cheeseburger

The beach

Butch and Donn

Peg and Donn soaking up the rays

Great surf

Sand sculpting school

Shiny yellow shorts

We had a great time walking the beach. Walking on sand is a different kind of exercise and you can feel the pull in different places the next day.

Padre is great!

Walking on the beach...Great exercise for our lily white legs!

Old-time photo of the day: What did a 27-foot trailer cost in 1945? | The Des Moines Register |

Old-time photo of the day: What did a 27-foot trailer cost in 1945? | The Des Moines Register |

Wednesday, February 16

Sunshiny Day and this and that

Every morning I get up with the intention of getting the blogs done and the first thing I know it is 8:00 AM and Butch is up and my day begins. Happened again this AM. The weather is absolutely perfect and the 10 day forecast is full of cookie cutter days. When you take the weather out of the mix we can get on with more fun stuff. The plan tomorrow is to finally go to South Padre Island. It will be the first time down there for us this year. What the hey!! It is usually the first thing we do.
My duties as President of the park association does take up some time but no more than teaching beading, trying to get my walks in and the other usual life stuff like cleaning and laundry etc. To be more precise, I find myself busy. And it is not particularly interesting stuff to other people. So it can be a challenge to come up with something I think will knock your socks off. We have been coming down here for over 20 years. That is hard to believe, even for me. At first it was for a weeks vacation and we stayed in Harlingen which is east of here. Then we stayed in a motel with kitchen for a couple of years. Finally buying an RV and staying in Magnolia Park for 4 weeks until we retired in 2003. So we have pretty well seen and done it all or nearly all. The last few years we have become more involved in the park activities and administration. When this happens to you, weeks can go by where you never leave the park! I know! Heaven forbid! We may reverse the process in the future. I am giving that some serious meditation. But it is very hard to back off. Time changes all things however. It always looms on the horizon and for me it has always been a good thing even if I did not think so at the time. So till the next time I can find some minutes for blogging....

Sunday, February 13


Winter is over and I am sure all of you up north are so glad to hear that. Our 10 day outlook is near perfect with highs in the 70's and 80's and lows in the 50's. The sun is shining and the birds are all atwitter. It will take about a week to ten days for the new buds to show up on the trees. What usually happens after a couple of weeks of this gorgeous stuff is the farmers who come down to escape the cold forget that it is still pretty chilly back home and start to get antsy to head that way. Making that mistake two years in a row usually cures it. When it turns this nice down here it is hard to imagine it isn't that nice everywhere. So we will enjoy the Spring here and then slowly make our way north and enjoy it there too.
Last night we were invited to Donn and Peggy's for turkey, dressing and all the rest. I was really hungry and it sure hit the spot. I was oh so thankful. Turkey will do that for you!!
Made a new bracelet...see below.

Butch is outdoors giving Angel a brushing. I am seeing balls of her fur rolling up the street. Could make nice nesting material for those birds that are all atwitter.
Life is made up of little things....