Saturday, April 29

Squirrel Wars

So finally Butch has something to do. He is on squirrel duty and here is why.

What I learned from a limp carrot

In South Texas, the carrot crop comes in and after the produce has been harvested they will let people glean what does not get picked. One of our ambitious residents gleaned several large bags of carrots and offered them to everyone.
My friend Kay Stilson was given some and a few of them had been in the field under a hot sun for a bit too long and were kind of bendy. Kay steams her vegetables in a steamer pan all the time so she peeled the bendy carrots and steamed them. I happened to be at her place when they were done and she offered me a bite. They were so bright in color and sweet to an extreme degree.  I started thinking of carrots in a whole new way and other veggies too.

So after coming back to Iowa, I ordered a steamer pan and this afternoon I tried it if for the first time. Amazing! Mom's should know that if they steamed vegetables for their children they may find they like them. Especially on their first try. My "oldest child" still won't even try. Smileycons!

Friday, April 28


Of course, we are! Busy-Most used excuse in the world. It seems the time flies and gets away from me more so as I grow older. This week we had an emergency trip to the dentist for me on Tuesday. There was a sharp place on my bottom plate that needed some smoothing and created a sore that wasn't going to get better by itself. It gave us the opportunity to reconnect with our Atlantic friends, the Gunderson's and the Clark's. On Thursday we went the opposite direction to Ames for Butch's appointment to set up his surgery. Today, Friday, he will have his pre-op physical in Jefferson and I plan to let him go by himself and maybe get some housework done.
We are getting things done or set up to be done. Monday we will be taking the motorhome to the painter. We are only having some of it painted -the front cap and the top edges- the part that is visible. We had the top recoated a couple of Texas seasons ago and that part will remain untouched.
Next Thursday Butch will be having his second carpal tunnel and trigger finger release surgery in Ames. Right hand this time. He says the most difficult part for him is my driving us every place we go for 10 days. Needless to say, we do not go much during that time.

Last night we returned to our trivia night friends at Hy-Vee. We came in 3rd. Not bad since the place was packed and the "Retired Teachers Team" usually kick everybody's butt. And they did. And another team snuck in there too. Even so, it is fun to visit with friends and try to come up with the right answers to rack up enough points to get a small monetary reward. Most of the questions are aimed at the younger people so at times we are just scratching our head and guessing.

Still catching a photo now and then

Sunday, April 23

Gradually settling

We will have been home a week come tomorrow. It seems like much longer as we have crammed quite a bit into that time. I have even more to get done until I feel completed. I told Butch I was looking forward to a day when I could say I didn't have something on my agenda that was a "have to do". Not there yet.
Tomorrow I am getting my first Iowa haircut of the season. My last cut was with Yolanda in Texas on March 24th.
We do have the bird food out and I have been taking pictures as I sit at my computer.
House Finch

Downy Woodpecker