Friday, May 10

Stop and look at Tulips

We are what some might say caught up today. Yesterday we moseyed on down to Atlantic for a haircut and dental appts. We visited and had lunch with friends Bill and Bev Gunderson and then later on Butch played golf with Randy Clark while Sherri and I caught up on our lives, enjoying supper at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was yummy and still our number one favorite Chinese restaurant. Everything is made fresh by authentic Chinese people and not the same cookie cutter stuff you get in most Chinese restaurants.
And then today Butch finished a cabinet that covers the electrical box in the breezeway. It is reusing a cabinet that was in the original kitchen. It makes the breezeway a bit neater. I cleaned a few areas and stashed a few things under the bed and in the new bench. Most of what is stashed away is in a temporary home just so it isn't underfoot while the rest of the project gets finished. So now we really are down to waiting for the cabinets and trim etc. They should be here next week if all goes as planned.

At Sherri's house: Sherri does daycare so her house is always a bit chaotic with many things happening all at the same time. My life seems very calm after spending an afternoon there. But it is always entertaining as well and I have had the best part (from afar) of watching many of her kids grow.
Here are a couple of pictures of Olivia who is a drop dead gorgeous little girl who loves ballet.

  and then there is Braley (sp?) who is two and we know it well. She wanted her mama and was not about to be happy till she got her. She did enjoy getting her picture taken .

Thursday, May 9

Some of this weeks projects

The bench

Privacy doors for stool area

The washer and dryer
 The bed...I have taken a nap on it and I love it! It is firm which is our choice for a bed. Purchased from
Our experience with this bed and the ordering of it from Overstock has been top notch. Everything they stated has proven to be true. Could not be happier with this purchase and we plan to order a second one for the motorhome.

Tuesday, May 7

Making a bed

This is the making of a bed...I wanted an RV type bed to maximize our storage. You can see how much storage we gained from this plan.

 In the making of this bed the platform needed to be turned twice. Leo helped us with this but on the 2nd turning it did not go well and Leo fell hurting his back and getting several scrapes. After being checked medically he is okay but hurting a bit.

...and unleashing the beast!

These photos were taken in stages. Total time from when Butch is unrolling the mattress to the last photo is about 30 minutes. They say full expansion takes 24 hours.

Monday, May 6

Update from the weekend

We are coming right along. We have the washer and dryer in place and ready to run. The bench is built and needs some paint and a shelf to be completely done. The bed is about half done and we have hopes of finishing it today. Butch has installed one of the pocket doors in the closet and it needs some touch up paint.
Yesterday was another Lowes run to Ames to pick up a few needed items to finish the bed.
I checked on the status of the cabinets and counter tops and it looks like it will be another week yet. Not of big concern as long as we have all these other projects to keep us busy.
Yesterday we stopped at WalMart in Boone to pick up a few grocery items. A man in the store spotted a friend of his buying strawberries. He hollered at him and said," I bought some of those yesterday and they were great! Sure cannot beat the price!" They were $1 a box and the box was huge. I had not noticed them before but then I picked some up and he was right. They are very good!

And now a paint tip gleaned from Facebook:

REVIVE your old paintbrushes and STOP WASTING MONEY!!! Before you buy new paintbrushes this year, check this out. Soak old paintbrushes in VINEGAR for 30 minutes. GOOD AS NEW! Soak them in water with fabric softener and paint won’t dry on the brushes. LIKE this and SHARE other paintbrush tips.

Sunday, May 5

Leo Teeter at 3 weeks

His mama says he slept through the night last night!