Thursday, March 1

Writers Block...sorta

I am sitting here trying to think of something interesting to relate to you. My day kinda goes like this; I wake up around 6, sometimes earlier and sometimes later but always before 7:00. I get my vitamins taken, coffee made and sometimes dressed before sitting down at the computer. As I age all this seems to take longer. Along about 8:00 Butch gets up and starts into his day. At 10:00 we go for our first walk of 1.2 miles and this takes 20 minutes on an uninterrupted walk. But there are dogs to pet and people to talk to so rarely is it a flat 20 minutes. Lunchtime comes around very quickly it seems. Today is Thursday so I will be going to Costco with the "girls". We get back in early afternoon and we walk at 4:00, another 1.2 miles. Butch will be playing cribbage this afternoon and pool at 6:00. Thursdays are a day for me to do as I please. Well, maybe they all are...

Sunday, February 25

Didn't know we were "Ploggers"

Way back when Colleen and I started walking the bike trail we would pick up small trash, usually on our return trip. One time a county employee saw me and thanked me for it. I didn't know it had become a Sweden. This article in the Washington Post has spurred me to be more conscious of it wherever I might be.

You can be a plogger too!! Maybe I am more of a palker?