Saturday, August 16

I almost forgot..and really how could I! I am having surgery next Tuesday on my right wrist. That will slow me down for a bit. It is DeQuirveins (sp?) disease which is very much like carpal tunnel except it is my thumb instead of the back of the wrist. It is outpatient surgery so I should be back to normal in a whipstitch. And then in a few weeks I can golf, cross stitch, bike and numerous other things that have slowed me down in the past 18 months.
Blogger Report August 16th 2003
It has been awhile... Folks tend to think we are a bit weird because we are living in our motorhome located in our back yard. But this serves many purposes. At first many trips were made to the house for forgotten items such as eyebrow tweezers and a favorite spatula. There have also been trips made in the other direction with items that were placed in the motorhome but are never used and take up space that could best be used in a different way.
It is much like moving into any new home. There is always an adjustment concerning where you want items located.
We like it out here. I ran into a quote the other day that fits perfectly. "It is not the size of the house that matters but the love that abides within." There must be enough love because we both are happy with the space we are in.
I continue to pare down daily. It is amazing how little we really need to live quite comfortably.

Speaking of paring down...I am also doing that on a personal level as well. I have been on the Atkins diet since May 14th. I can count on one hand the number of times I have cheated. I find this way of eating very comfortable and I never plan to deviate from this plan. I have lost 19 pounds and I am still losing.;-)

Till next time...