Saturday, June 12

Friday, June 11

Tonights Supper

It looked so good I had to take a picture. Tasted as good as it looks too! Iowa Chop, Coleslaw and Sauted Spinach

I have my blog back

For awhile I was posting to this blog more as if it belonged to Thunder Bay Resort but no longer. They have their own and it can be found at I am posting to it too so for the full picture you will have to visit both but then I know there are many of you out there who will.
Butch is thrilled with being able to play golf almost anytime he wants to. He seems to be the most content here as anywhere we have ever been. There are plenty of other reasons to be here. Other things to do and places to see.  I do not feel that I have become as acquainted with the place or the area as I would like to be. I hope that can change soon. Weather has been a bit of an obstacle. Been getting more rain than I would like. You have to remember I could easily become a desert rat. I liked the desert.
Butch tees up.

Thursday, June 10

Busy as Texas

I am quickly becoming nearly as busy as I am in Texas. Everything will smooth out soon just a bit frantic at the moment. I will be posting to a blog that has been in existence since July of 2008 but also has had no new input since then either. So far I have had a bit of trouble accessing it but once those issues are resolved I will be off and running. You can find it at
As I say there isn't new content yet but keep checking.
I will also be working on a staff newsletter. For me that one is a bit more of a challenge.

Butch had a good birthday yesterday but he was disappointed because both golfing events scheduled were cancelled due to rain. We seem to be getting plenty of it. I know the rest of the Midwest is as well. This too shall pass. We hope!!
Received an email from friends Bill & Kay Stilson. They missed that tornado in Ohio by 2 miles! Much too close for comfort.
Till next time...

Wednesday, June 9

'Nother Rainy day

This is Butch's birthday and he was scheduled for golf this morning but it was cancelled due to rain. It rained much of the night. It is starting to lighten up a bit.
As soon as I finish this post my plan is to help Paul and Mary set up a blog. They are staying in the RV park. They hail from Winnemucca NV and are new to the lifestyle. I suggested a blog to keep in touch with folks and they had been wanting to get one started.
Gotta get to Alpena to pick up Butch's birthday cake I ordered the other day. I planned to serve it at couples golf tonight but with the weather we may be dealing with lots of cake.
After we get back from Alpena I am going to get started on a newsletter for resort staff. I have had ideas swimming in my head for a few days. Should be fun to see if I can get it all to swim in sync.
Till later in the day...

Tuesday, June 8

Thunder Bay Sweet Napa Salad

Thunder Bay Sweet Napa Salad
A perfect summer salad. (one of our favorites here at the resort) Original recipe from Jan Matthias, Thunder Bay Resort's culinary artist.

Salad ingredients:
1 or 2 heads Napa Cabbage, washed, dried,sliced
8 Green Onions, chopped
1C. Drained Pineapple Tidbits
1/2C. Dried Cherries
1/2C. Toasted Sliced Almonds
1/4C. Toasted Sesame Seeds
2 Pkgs. Ramen Noodles, crushed
- Prepare Napa cabbage. Add all ingredients in order as listed above. Toss.

1C. 90/10 Canola/Olive Oil
1/2C. White Vinegar
1/4C. Brown Sugar
1/4C. White Sugar
2 Env. Seasoning Mix from Oriental Ramen Noodles
1/2 Tsp. Dry Mustard
2 Tsp. Molasses
2 Tsp. Soy Sauce
1 Tsp. Salt
1/4 Tsp. Pepper
1/4 Tsp. Paprika
-Whisk all ingredients in order as listed above in a bowl until no separation occurs. Toss slightly before serving to coat salad thoroughly. ENJOY!!!

I could eat this salad as a meal by itself!!
Our entire menu was:
Five Course Dinner Menu:
Shrimp Cocktail & Pear/Apple Crepe
Jan's Hearty Homemade
Chicken Noodle Soup
Thunder Bay's Signature Sweet Napa
Salad and Butter Croissant
Crown Roast of Pork and Pan Roasted
Red Skin Potatoes
White Chocolate Mousse Filled Pizzelles
With Fresh Raspberries


Carriage Ride, Elk Viewing and Gourmet Dinner

This is a Picasa Album- Click on it to see all the pictures and then you can choose slideshow or you may choose to click on each picture individually. Any problems viewing the pictures let me know.
Last evening was a 4 hour event and we so enjoyed every minute of it. The meal for me was the highlight and the ultimate gourmet experience. As by definition it was a feast for all the senses. And surprise of surprises Mr. Pickypants ate everything placed in front of him with the exception of 2 of the 3 shrimp served. Those he offered to a fellow diner. And what's more he enjoyed it all too.
It would be worth the trip up here for this event alone.
Another surprise last night was when we found out Jack's birthday is the day before Butch's in the same year as well. Jack's birthday is today and Butch's is tomorrow.
June 8th and 9th of 1941

Monday, June 7

Good Morning Sunshine

Butch is out playing golf this morning. He planned to yesterday but the off and on rain put the kibosh to that. Feel sorry for the boy? ...Me, either.
My morning started off slow. A little on the chilly side and it seems my bones and muscles all seize up and  do not want to put any zippiness in me. But the sunshine has now warmed things up and all is fair inside and out. I did get my walk in and that always improves my outlook and energy.
We workers had our end of week meeting last night and there were a few concerns discussed. It seems some are not happy with the lack of structure for us. They want a start and end time and a definite assigned task. It hasn't been or worked that way in the 5 years they have had  volunteer workers and my guess is that it will not start now. Hey, we learned some things at SMR. You can't come in and change things that work for them and are long standing. And wonder of wonders Butch has not had one complaint thus far.
After all this discussion I looked on the assignment sheet to see just what I was supposed to be doing and there staring me in the face is Barb B.- ' MONTHLY NEWSLETTER'. Had not given it one seconds thought since I have been here! So now I am on it. I thought perhaps it would be something I would assist with but I asked Jack this morning and no, there isn't one now and no one is doing it. So I am it. I am up for the task once I gather the content. That project starts on Wednesday.
Tonight Butch and I get to go on the carriage ride, elk viewing, gourmet dinner event. It takes 4 hours!! That will give me plenty to post tomorrow.
In one of the flyers promoting the event are two of the recipes they will be serving tonight. I will get those posted later today.
Till then...


Sunday, June 6

Raining this AM

Butch is mowing greens this morning and it is raining off and on. They need rain desperately here so no one is complaining. Least of all me!
We have been here a week today and  getting nicely settled in. One of the big differences between here and Snow Mountain Ranch is the contact or should I say lack of contact between we volunteers/workers. At SMR we met each other usually at meal time and we do not have the same situation here so I am trying to think of a way to remedy that. Everyone is very friendly at the resort and everywhere else as well. Good old fashioned Midwest hospitality is everywhere.
 I am always impressed by the cleanliness and the green of the Midwest and it is oh so true in Michigan too. People always ask us where we like best and there is no answer for that because each area has its own reason why we love it and we love it all for different reasons. It seems I always like best wherever I am!!

Look Through

If you look very carefully and make this photo larger by clicking on it you can see our MoHo and bicycles behind the trees. This is a shot from the other side of the #3 green.

This shot of 'trees kissing' was taken near the hot tub. I plan to get some folks sitting in the hot tub before I take pictures of it.

Butch is earning his keep doing some electrical work. I was helping...Yes, I was!!