Saturday, July 19

Progress report for Friday

 Current condition. Roof done- Ty-vec on. Next step come Monday is windows!! Yeah!! I am sure all eight will not be done in one day but windows and door will be the next big adventure.

Saw this "bike" on the RV newsletter and fell in love. Will I buy one? No. But I sure would like to ride on one sometime.

Friday on the trail was animal Friday. First off there were two fawns on the trail near Vest street. In town this is. They were running toward me and I really think they thought I was Mom until I stopped. Butch and I watched a documentary on deer and their eyesight is very poor. That is why they stop and watch. They can detect movement but that is about it. So they spend much of their life being puzzled by things around them, thus the deer in the headlight phrase. Once I stopped they went on alert and soon veered off into the closest corn field.

Next animal was a squirrel. Mr. squirrel happened to be on the graffiti bridge railing just as I came to the bridge. He went into a panic and we raced across the bridge. I stayed on the trail and he jumped into a tree. Next was another deer. A very large deer that bounded across the trail in front of me. Not close enough to be scary but close enough for me to go Whoa!!

Then. I was on the river bridge and it is high up over the river and as I looked down a herron was flying upriver. Really cool to see.

And then more deer. about 10 of them off a ways enjoying Mr. Farmers corn crop.
Not many rides like that one. Of course rabbits are all over in various sizes so I ride along ringing my bell to let them know I am coming. Maybe I should get a train whistle. That would be appropriate.
This morning I didn't ride but did walk with Colleen. We have company coming from Atlantic for the weekend. Randy and Sherri Clark. That will give me much to say come Monday. wink, wink.

Thursday, July 17

Bike and Walk

The past two mornings I have biked to the bridge and walked when I returned. Wonderful energizing way to start the day. Yesterday on my return trip I spotted a raccoon beside the trail. We surprised each other. I was up to speed so it was a quick look and then on my way again. I think that is the best way to encounter a raccoon. Now this morning all I saw on my way to the bridge were birds but on my return trip I did see a couple of does enjoying their breakfast. I slowed to a crawl but did get close enough to spook them and off they went jumping over a fence with ease. When travelling the same route day after day it has always amazed me how different it is each time.

Russ started shingling the roof yesterday and here are the days progress report photos.

Wednesday, July 16

Rving tip of the day

Many wonder how we do it...I am not saying we always get it right...but these are great guidelines.

RVing Tip of the Day
Getting along — Pointers for a great RV partnership
by Greg Illes
It is said that wherever your relationship is going, traveling together in an RV will take it there sooner. Here are some thoughts and pointers for traveling (and living) in close quarters with your loved one.
"Right" and "Wrong" — get rid of them
Does your brain work like this: "If I think one thing, and somebody else thinks differently — well, then, if I am right they must be wrong." Ain't necessarily so. Two people can be very different, and both can be right. Remember that old "I'm OK — You're OK" book? Same idea. Blame, hurt, guilt — these are all part of being wrong, and they should not be part of your RV cargo.
You can't fix the other guy
Remember how hard it was for you to change something in yourself that you really wanted to change (quitting smoking, fear of snakes, whatever)? Imagine if someone was demanding you change. Now imagine how difficult it would be to force a change in someone else who doesn't even want to change. Let's face it — we can barely, sometimes, make small fixes to ourselves. There's just no way we can fix the other person. Let's not try.
Are you a partner or a dependent?
Are you more concerned about loving your partner well or that your partner loves you? When you disagree, are you more concerned for your partner's welfare or your own? Who would you rather turn out to be right? (There's that word again.) Look for ways to care more about your partner than you care what he/she thinks of you.
Make it "their" choice
When you know they're wrong (there's that word again), and you know exactly how they can fix it, and you just can't keep your mouth shut (this happens to us all) — give them the choice — really, give it to them. Be fully okay with what they decide. Try using a question instead of a command: "Do you think it would work better if you tried this?" instead of, "You should really do this thing this way."
Nobody is (or can be) perfect
We've heard this so often that we no longer listen. All of us are riddled with imperfections. We'll never fix them all — so let's concentrate on the serious issues and let the petty stuff slide. Ask yourself: Is this really a serious issue with your partner? Be honest.
Right things are done for right reasons
A fundamental truth: Every human on earth makes the best decision they can at every moment of their lives. Sometimes they base decisions on horribly flawed data or dismally bad influences, and very poor decisions result. But those crummy decisions are the result of the information worked with, not any intrinsic failing of the person.
Respect is the cornerstone
Love is mercurial, capricious, magical and maddening. Respect, on the other hand, is foundational, heartfelt and lasting. Know, deeply, that your companion is being the best person possible. Respect them for that and help them — cooperatively, gently, supportively — in any way you can.
Can you wait?
In relationships, patience is a huge virtue. Today's insufferable torture can well be tomorrow's minor annoyance. Today's steadfast refusal to change drifts into a bemused "we'll see" later in the week. Moods and attitudes do change — even your own.
What do you really want?
Be honest with yourself. A "want" can be a must-have or a nice-to-have. Try to place as many as possible in the nice-to-have category, because this enables that "choice" for your partner. A must-have is a non-negotiable demand and should be used rarely if at all. So what if you are presented with a must-have? A refusal puts you both in the rock-and-a-hard-place scenario — not good. How about a more flexible, "I really, really want this (grin)" or "Well, let's talk about it (wink)," as a starting point.
Negotiate for fun, but not for love
Approval, respect, love — these are not for sale. "I'll do the dishes, you take out the trash" is fine. But approval, disapproval, love or shame should not be involved. Every partnership is a compendium of trade-offs. Make them cheerfully. If you love and respect your partner, you will not be concerned about getting the best of the deal; in fact, you'll try to give them the advantage — because they are worth it.

Amazing Marionettes!

Thanks Kay V. This is well worth the watch!! Fun

Tuesday, July 15

Interesting afternoon

I am getting better at this long distance computer assistance. Phone call from Michigan-
We have a new camera and I want to get the pictures off my camera and on to my Chromebook but nothing happens. It took a bit for the rust to flake off . I signed into Chrome on the Chromebook . Butch has been using the Chromebook so I had not been on it in a while. His wifes account worked for them to bring in the pictures from the camera. After the fact I knew why that happened. When we set up her account we signed into Google photos and brought in a few pictures to briefly show her how it worked thus the computer recognized that when she hooked up the camera those pictures were to go into that spot. However we set up her husbands account later and we didn't introduce him personally.wink,wink. Once we opened Google photos while in his account and let it find the camera photos they came in and it will take care of itself in the future.
The other problem was more commonplace but often difficult to find. A friend was trying to send him emails and they were never getting to him. My first instinct was  either they were going into spam or the email address was wrong in some way. Checked spam and that wasn't it. So then we looked at the address.  Oftentimes someone will leave a space usually near the @ sign  so the email will look like this blank instead of You can see how easy that might be to miss. But that was not the problem this time. Cue was the first word of the email address and his friend was using que. So that one letter was fouling up the works. How did I find this long distance? I know both fellows so I sent the friend the man's email address as I knew it to be and then asked him to send an email from the message I sent instead of from his contact list.  And that made it clear. And we all breathed a sigh of relief.

A while back a lady asked if Butch would paint her garage door. I assured her she didn't want him to but today he did a bit of painting in a potting shed and I wish I had taken a picture of him so I had proof. He was paint clear to his elbows and beyond. Thank god it was only a potting shed.

And now I will get the latest photos of todays work:

Shingles will be the job for tomorrow...whoohoo!!

Messed it up

When I mess something up, all of you who are signed on for automatic updates in your email do not see something when I fix it. Thus I am making out a new one of the messed up message and sending it as fresh so all my email followers will see it in all its fixedness.

"Tuck a strip of zinc beneath the ridge shingles at the top of every roofline on your house. You'll need to sneak in a nail every couple of feet; make sure shingles cover the nails. A zinc strip is a long-term solution for controlling moss, algae, and fungus growth. Every time it rains, the metal strip leaches away small amounts of fungistats, which kill the fungus and keep the shingles looking their best.
Note: If moss, algae, or fungus is already growing on your roof, kill it and remove any residual debris before placing the zinc strip."

In the future if you notice that I have made a booboo you can go to the website to see if I have caught it. 

I didn't know this till today.

Screwed this one up big time but now I have FIXED it!

Tuck a strip of zinc beneath the ridge shingles at the top of every roofline on your house. You'll need to sneak in a nail every couple of feet; make sure shingles cover the nails. A zinc strip is a long-term solution for controlling moss, algae, and fungus growth. Every time it rains, the metal strip leaches away small amounts of fungistats, which kill the fungus and keep the shingles looking their best.
Note: If moss, algae, or fungus is already growing on your roof, kill it and remove any residual debris before placing the zinc strip.

Monday, Monday

Strange day on the trail...As I approached the river bridge on my bike a car was coming toward me on the trail. It was a police car. Needless to say this has never happened before. The trail is wide enough for a car but barely so I pulled off and waited for them to go by. They waved and went on. I assume they were looking for someone because when I turned around and came back to town I saw them again slowly going by on a road parallel to the trail. And as I neared town I heard sirens for a long time. Do not know if the incidents are connected or not but this sort of activity is unusual in our small town.
 While I was on the river bridge I spotted a deer on the far side of the river. She was eating breakfast and I had to snap her picture.

And the progress on the room is moving right along.

Sunday, July 13

Grampa Leo's first grandson-

Brady celebrated his second birthday. Yup, he's two!! Leaving babyhood behind!

RRVT trail treats

Rolled out of bed this morning feeling wishy washy about going for a bike ride. As it looked like a pretty morning I decided to suck it up and go. Down to the river and back I went but on the way back ,almost into town I spotted this sight.
Mama allowed me time to stop my bike get my phone out of my bike bag and get quite a few shots. Problem is when you have been riding and then suddenly stop and try to be still it is difficult. Your body has a natural vibration that takes a while to still itself. You have seen that commercial -" A body in motion tends to stay in  motion". It is very true. Thus there is more blur in this shot than I like.
By comparison this shot of the buzzards was taken while Colleen and I were walking. Much better clarity- despite the swarm of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes were not biting...I used the recipe liberally before I left home-but they were swarming around my head. I stayed focused enough to get this shot but we didn't stick around long
The weather is perfect this morning. Would love to see it stick around through next week!


Friend Jack L. called to see if we would like to go see the movie "Jersey Boys", after going to Jerilynn and Petes for drinks then out to eat and we said yes.
Jersey Boys was a great movie! I enjoyed every minute of it. Then we gathered for drinks and conversation followed by a meal at Casa de Oro. It was a great day. Lots of fun with part of the Deja Vu group.