Saturday, August 30

A quiet Saturday

The laundry is done, flowers watered and our little home on wheels is fairly clean so we are having a leisurely Saturday.
Yesterday we watched a Netflix movie. License to Wed with Robin Williams. Don't just plain irritated me for the first half and the second half was only a tad bit better.
Last night we went to the new Mexican restaurant in Jefferson....don't bother...we were there approximately 2 hours and that was understandable because they were newly opened and extremely busy but then when we were served our CHICKEN Quesadilla Fajita it was a miserable disappointment. The tortilla was like dried out white paste. I am accustomed to bubbly browned almost flaky tortillas which is how they are when properly prepared and my first slice contained NO chicken. There may have been a total of 10 pieces of chicken in the whole thing each the size of a nickel. Butch can go there if he chooses but they have lost me as a customer. I will wait till we go to the land of real Mexican food where they do not disappoint.
Till next time...

Lucille Ball

She is no longer Lucille Ball or Lucy for short.

Thursday, August 28

Nameless Kitten

This kitten needs a name...any suggestions? Email
She...we very active, likes to tumble,play ball and fight with her Mamas tail. She plays a mean game of soccer too. She is shy preferring her Mama's company to that of big scary human's with big voices.

Wednesday, August 27

For Sale

Leo has a car for sale and it is listed on craigslist.
Leo said it ran so well he is tempted to keep it but they do not have a need for an extra vehicle Click on "For Sale"

Tuesday, August 26

Tuesday Morning...

Sunday we played golf with Laura and Jason. First time I had played since March or April. Butch said I am disgusting...going that long and then playing well. As long as I do not put pressure on myself things seem to work out okay.
I gave Leo and Keri's hanging baskets a major haircut yesterday. It is a good way to give plants that have started looking a little leggy new life. In two weeks time they will look all perky again. While I was watering I noticed a wormy friend in the parsley so I took his picture. It seems they like parsley too. No, I did not remove him and squash him like a bug!
I let Angel out yesterday while I was grooming the hanging baskets and Stubby decided to come into the motorhome. Angel took exception to his presence and kicked some Stubby butt. The fur flew...mostly Stubby's. I do not think I will leave the door open again.
Today we plan to go to friend Mickey's in Clive. Butch will be doing some electrical stuff for her while we visit. Mickey is a friend from childhood that I have stayed in touch with throughout the years. We always seem to be able to pick up where we left off each time we meet. Yesterday I made some creamy cucumbers from Mickey's aunts recipe and they sure were good. So here is the recipe! I also added some dill weed.

Recipe: Cucumber/Onion Dressing 8/26/2008
Category: Side
Author: Mickey's aunt

1 C. Miracle Whip (I used Mayo)
1/2 C. Sugar or Splenda
4 T Apple Cider vinegar
salt to taste
Cucumbers and onions, sliced

Slice Cucumbers and onions. Layer in a dish and lightly salt each layer. Combine
dressing ingredients and pour over cucumber/onion layers. Refrigerate for
several hours before serving.