Friday, April 18

Peculiarly Located

We have made it to Missouri! A whole day and one night without Internet. We went out to supper with Marilynn and her grandson Graem in Norman OK last night. Marilynn was our supervisor at Snow Mountain Ranch. Marilynn's husband Sam had a severe stroke last December. Their life has been very different since then. We had a good supper and a nice visit getting caught up.
Butch and I stayed at the Riverwind casino parking lot. We awoke at 4:30 AM and decided to get a head start on our trip to Missouri. My night vision is not good so I prayed that Butch's was better and off we went. We did miss much morning traffic but there are certainly quite a few people on the road at that hour. I was surprised. Our whole trip plan was off on the 2014 north journey. We like to travel on weekends and go through cities on Sunday's- preferably Sunday Mornings. That did not happen at any time this spring and we certainly noticed the difference in traffic.
We will be with our Missouri kids, grandkids and greatgrands for the holiday weekend and head on up to Jefferson on Monday AM.
Getting caught up will take some time so look for kiddo pics in the next few days. One great one I snipped today.

Wednesday, April 16

Afternoon Walk in Llano Texas

 Bluebonnets by the River

These grow in rock crevices. I cannot identify them.


Healthcare in the future. It is no wonder that it is impossible to keep up with technology.

Tuesday, April 15

Missouri Great Grands

Elise and the Easter Bunny

                                           Elise at dance class
Birthday boy Leo with his new wheels.
 I love Elise's green slippers.

Monday, April 14

IKEA Headboard

Today is the day we went to Round Rock Texas to the IKEA store and purchased our headboard. A very different experience to be sure. Fun though! It is in the car and as long as it remains there my spot in the car is in the back seat.
Our friends headed to their homes today but we sure had a good time while they were here.
Here are a few pics taken at the Fish Fry and Barbecue Saturday night.
Mike, Larry, Gary, Sharon and Roxy at the Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet TX

                                  Mike, Sharon and Roxy- Roxy doesn't look happy but I think she was.
                                 Butch, Lisa and Terry

                                Lou and Gary

                                    Kids and Firetrucks= fun!

                                     Iris in Bloom

Sunday, April 13

More parade...

They start so early...

Lone Ranger and Tonto!

Okay, here is something...

Slow internet connection, compared to what I am used to, and trying to do some computer housekeeping have kept me busy. But I decided to take some time to catch ya'all up.
Yesterday we went to the Bluebonnet Festival Parade in Burnet TX. I took many pictures and I will post a few at a time due to the speed of the connection. It was a great parade despite the fact there was only one tractor as opposed to Jefferson and no hydraulic cars as opposed to Weslaco!
After the parade we came back to Llano and after a couple of hours enjoyed a fine meal put on by the local fire department. It was more food than you can imagine and all of it was free. They were taking donations and I am sure it was successful for them to do so as this is an annual event. They had catfish and barbecue along with all the fixings-potato salad, coleslaw, beans, hush puppies and peach cobbler. Free drinks too including beer and margaritas as well as iced tea, both sweet and unsweetened.
And now for a few pictures:

Ice Cream anyone?  
Or perhaps lemonade sounds better.

                                     Bluebonnet Festival

Ugliest tan attempt. It was orange. Does not look as bad in this photo as it really was.

                                         Lots of pageant winners in the parade of all ages.

Senior citizen of the year.

The only tractor in the whole parade!

The Beachers are a group of senior line dancers who do line dances throughout the parade using their chairs as props.

The Plungers do line dances while marching as well. Both of these groups were great!

The Burnet Bulldogs

Pretty Pony!

Really large H.E.B. cart!

More pageant winners.

 Very simple idea- A mouse in a trap!
More pageant winners

Home from war!