Saturday, November 1


Went to the grocery store this afternoon and here that means H.E.B. What a pleasant experience! I have shopped in many grocery stores in many locations and sometimes things on my list have been there for months simply because I cannot find them. For quite some time I have looked for Splenda Cinnamon Spice Coffee flavors. H.E.B. has it along with many other things I have looked for long and hard. And the prices!!! are wonderful. I have had a lot of experience in many areas of the country and I was gobsmacked by the low prices. I like H.E.B.
Oh and by the way gas prices today were $1.83

Rio Grande Valley '08

We arrived in the valley yesterday. Nice pleasant trip down. It is always nice this time of year when the weather is moderate and the traffic is light. January and February the influx of winter Texans makes it chaotic. The traffic is heavy and everywhere you go are lots of people, mostly gringos. So it is very nice right now.;-)
We are in a different spot this year and I think I am going to like it better. We face east and have just the right amount of shade. At least we do until the trees lose their leaves. That won't happen until mid to late December. In our new spot we can see the swimming pool. In fact we are about 10 yards from it. Butch takes on the job of shutting off the hot tub every evening so it is handy for him to be where he can see if there are people in it.
So we are getting settled in and reacquainted with the park and its people. From now until next April you will want to check both sites. They are listed on the right under Links.

Friday, October 31

Travel Day

We have had a fun two days in Canyon Lake with the Linders but today we are headed even further south to the Rio Grande Valley.
Today is a 285 mile day and that is about the extent of a full day for us. We are listening to the book "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" and the miles pass quickly.

Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents and an unusual breed of dogs on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. But when tragedy strikes the Sawtelle family, Edgar flees to the surrounding wilderness. He comes of age in the wild, fighting for his survival and that of the three yearling dogs who follow him.

Butch has his satellite back. He turned off all electricity to the motorhome including the 12 volt system and essentially rebooted it. And it worked. It sure made for a more pleasant day.
Angel is also better. She has these spells now and then-every six months or so-where she urps a few times and then she is okay again. There doesn't seem to be any apparent reason for it. She will be 14 in January. Every now and then I think she may not be with us that much longer and then I meet a cat like here in this park who is twenty!!
Till next time...

Thursday, October 30

Movin on...

Wednesday we moved on down the road to Canyon Lake TX to meet up with Terry and Lisa Linder. It was a pleasant run and Lisa had a most pleasant supper ready for us.
We did find diesel fuel for 2.88 at WalMart in Marble Falls TX. The drive here was just fine but now Butch is fighting with the satellite. TREES.
It looks as though we have lost our programming on the satellite again. This has been determined by just us so far but after much adjusting and pulling out of hair.
And after this bit of a bump Angel was sick during the night. So I have been up since about 4:00 with a sick cat. We never know what causes it but this does happen. Thank goodness it is rare.
This too shall pass.

After Golf

The guys played golf and Sharon and I went shopping. This was followed by drinks and dinner at Mike and Sharons wonderful home on Pecan Plantation.
To back up a bit Sharon and I met Cindy Young on Monday. Cindy is a Swedish weaver I met through an online Swedish weaving group. We had a very enjoyable visit.

Sunday, October 26

Artist in Granbury

This artist was at the Granbury festival yesterday. These pictures are of the painting and the view he was painting.


Yesterday we went to a festival in Granbury. The Nutts were early settlers of the area. The statue is of one of the Nutt women. Born a Nutt until she married. Yeah, I am chuckling....

Granbury TX till Wednesday

We are in the Pecan Plantation campground at Granbury TX. And we will be here till Wednesday morning. My connection is as good as it can get for one bar of service. I have been amazed because I was told it wasn't here at all.(Verizon)