Friday, September 9

Backsplash project-(Motorhome)

It only took part of two days to do this project. I think it really perks up our winter home. Before and after photos of bathroom

Before and after photos of kitchen

What we do...

The answer is not much that is new. On my walk yesterday I took some pictures. I hadn't planned to but the heavy dew made opportunities present themselves at every turn. Then when I came home Butch suggested we start on the backsplash project in the motorhome so that changed my direction. I have taken pictures and will get them on here once the project is completed. It is proceeding very well.

Last night was trivia night. Butch and I have been enjoying it very much. Perhaps me more than Butch but we both enjoy the company and conversation. They were doing quite well until Butch and I joined the group but perhaps I shouldn't point that out! Word has spread and the ones who are coming out for it now are apparently more knowledgeable.

Here is a picture of Leo and Keri's youngest grandchild, Beckett.
Leo and Keri are not going to believe this because it shocked me too but I am fairly certain Butch and I have not met Beckett in person. I have seen many pictures of him and he is cute as a button and always happy.

Here are yesterday's trail pictures.

Tuesday, September 6


Butch is partially fixed. Today he went to the doctor for stitch removal. All is well. He can once again drive. He has to wait a couple more weeks before he can play golf.
I rode out to the big bridge today for a couple of reasons. One was that time was short because of the doctors appointment and the other was that I had not stopped at the bridge for quite a while and decided to take some pictures.

The river is down and these sandbars that you see are recently built.

 The geese are on the move.

The doves are used to us now and do not move.

Sunday, September 4

Ride/ walk

Friday Butch and I walked all over town. We went to Mickey's to drop off some tomatoes and the out to Pete and Jerilyn's and then returned home. I would say it was about 2 1/2 miles. After we came home I had to go get a few groceries and Butch decided to stay home. When I walked into Fareway one of the employees asked me how I got to come alone. I said I took him for a very long walk and wore him out. They chuckled.
Today Keri and I rode out to Roger's road and they are working on the crossing. They have it scoped out to require riders to turn and get a good look at traffic from both directions. Very smart move.

Trail continues on left side of picture but you can see where the actual crossing will be. So they are turning the rider a 180 allowing  a view in both directions.