Saturday, June 18

It was the second annual girls day out and in attendence were cousin Sherry, cousin Phyllis, sister Teri, neice Tara, neice Karla and the star of the show Karla's son Devon aged two.

Sister Teri and neice Tara came to visit.

On the bike trail: A Wild Rose
On the bike trail: Another committee meeting and this time there is a Jackass in charge. L to R Horse,Horse,Horse,Jackass

Yesterday it was finally calm enough and warm enough and dry enough to get on the bike trail.And true to form it was a unique experience. Very near cousin Sherry's place and Winkelman switch I encountered a weasel. At least I think it was a weasel. We surprised each other and as soon as I reached for my camera he was gone. I thought to myself, "Wow that was unusual!" Shortly thereafter I turned around for the return trip and darned if I didn't see the little weasel again! This time he was being chased by birds. I did get a picture of him but I would have to tell you where in the picture he was located so hardly worth the effort to post it.

Thursday, June 16

The frog finally got his hat!! And son Jason bought and potted this mosquito plant (aka scented geranium) for me. Cute!!
I told Butch that a few flowers around our place would make it look more like we actually live here. They are a little hard to see but look toward the sides of the picture.
This is an Iowa Mourning Dove, one that gently coos. Not one of those raucous South Texas doves that talks all the live long day in Spanish at high volume. hehehe

Wednesday, June 15

Another view
When I was a young girl my main mode of transportation was my bicycle as it was for most of my friends as well. When I would visit my friend Mickey I would have to return home by crossing the railraod tracks on N. Maple street. Once the tracks were crossed there was a sidewalk on the left side of the road and beside the sidewalk was a wire fence with a very husky fence post in the corner. One time when I was returning home I flew over the tracks and aimed to ride on the sidewalk but missed and hit the fencepost about as square as possible. The frame of my blue and white bike was hopelessly bent and forevermore unridable. I was heartbroken and in tears I left the bike and walked the 3 blocks home. So what does a thistle have to do with a biking accident? Today I went for a walk by the scene of this long ago disaster and the fence post that I hit is no longer there. The post has been replaced. There is however the stump and the cement the original post was set in still remain as a silent memorial to my blue and white bike that is no more. This thistle was blooming about one foot away.

Tuesday, June 14

dMarie Time Capsule

dMarie Time Capsule
Try putting in your birthday or the day you were married. Talk about a trip down memory lane! This is a sweet little site.

Monday, June 13

Jefferson Iowa water tower. It is located in the neighborhood where I grew up but it wasn't there at that time. The neighborhood where I grew up is much improved from what it used to be.
I went for a walk this morning. Too windy for riding. I took my camera with me. These horses were having a committee meeting.