Saturday, August 24

More pictures

 I thought this old truck was really cool and a great addition to the car show.

And here we have Keri's Barracuda!!

And if you would like to read about the rest of my day check out the
Zucchini anyone?

Saturday in Jefferson

Butch and I went to the Flea Market/Swap Meet at the fairgrounds today. We made a few minor purchases and then Leo called us to say that the car that Keri drove to school has been refurbished and is in the car show so we had to go back to the fairgrounds to see Keri's car. It really looks sharp and lives up to its name of "Barracuda" . Doesn't that roll off your tongue really smooth?
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Here are the pictures..

Friday, August 23

Issues %^&$##

Well it seems we have a sewer problem. We had a mysterious gurgle and back up of water (clean) in the stool when Butch would take a shower. We wondered... and then Butch went out to get some water for the birds and noticed that the sewer had backed up and out of the motorhome sewer inlet. Not good. All this is taking place outside of the house and motorhome. That part is good. We have no sewer backup in or under the house. Butch suspicions it is in the back yard under a spot we had placed some sewer pipe when we put in the hook ups for the motorhome. He had run into a couple of pieces of clay tile that he wondered where and what from. At that time we were under the impression the sewer went east out of the house to Cedar street only later did we discover it indeed went to the backyard and then south to Adams street so our new pipe went over top of the sewer pipe. Thus when we dumped the motorhome black tank it came into the house then back out to the sewer. At the time we thought if we had only known it would have saved us much digging and laying of new pipe. As it happened though it did prevent us from having a sewer back under the house now.  We have had a problem getting a plumber here so we are dealing with it in a variety of ways I will not go into. One of which is using the motorhome and refraining from using the plumbing in the house. We can make this last about a week before we will have to find a place to dump the black tank.

Jefferson and Greene County Iowa were on the Iowa news last night. We are in a pocket of severe drought. There has been no significant rain since May. I knew this already. My rain barrel is bone dry. It only takes a 1/2 inch of rain to fill the barrel. We have not had that much all summer. There are big ugly cracks all over the yard.

Tomatoes are scarce and this is the time when they should be plentiful. It was a cold and late spring and people were not able to plant and then no rain after they could plant so what we have are tomatoes that are small in size and low in numbers and pricey at the farmers market. Usually people are begging those of us who do not plant to take them off their hands. That is not happening this year. Keri sent a couple of them home with Butch last night  and they were delicious! So ripe, red and delicious. More!! I want more!

Now you know why there has been no news on the blog. If you cannot say something nice...well you know the rest.

I did get a bracelet finished.

Tuesday, August 20

Minimal ride and a great chair...

I rode out to the bridge and back on my bike while Butch got in his walk on the golf course. I made note of the time and it took me just over 30 minutes for the round trip of 5 miles. It is feeling easier each time.

I have been back to beading lately. Not all out like I sometimes do but an hour or so at a time. It will get done that way it just takes longer. I do have a chair problem and I hate to even admit it. My chair in the motorhome is the most comfortable I have ever sat in but it is getting very worn. I need a new one. And the glider I bought for the house is just not getting it for me. That is the part I hate to admit. I know the brand and the price of the Good chair and I should have bought a replacement for both the house and the motorhome without quibbling and been done with it. We are never too old to make poor decisions it seems.

Best Chair Here it is... I love this chair.

And I found out I can buy it in Carroll IA-about 30 miles for us. Whoo hoo!!

Monday, August 19


I do not need to know how to do this but if someone "forced" me to make one this one sure looks easy.

Recipe for the Day: CROCK POT PECAN PIE

You will go "nuts" over this holiday classic, which crocks up beautifully!
1 uncooked pie-crust
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup dark Karo syrup
1 cup pecans, broken up
1/2 cup margarine, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
1: Spray the slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray.
2: Place uncooked pie-crust in the slow cooker and press up the edges about 1/2 inch up the sides.
3: In a medium-mixing bowl, stir the remaining ingredients until well mixed. Pour on top of the pie-crust.
4: Cover and cook on HIGH for 2 to 3 hours.

Sunday, August 18

Rode to Cooper-7.5 mile

Butch and I rode to Cooper and back this morning. 15 miles total. Butch and I both have ties to Cooper. My maternal grandparents and uncles, aunts and cousins are buried in the Cooper cemetery. My grandfather was a barber in Cooper. My mother was born there....and so was Butch. His family lived on a farm a mile from Cooper when he was born and he lived there until he was about 3 when they moved to Jefferson.
And then in the boys growing up years Butch was a pitcher for the Cooper softball team so many summer nights were spent at the ball diamond in Cooper.
Here are some pictures from today's ride:

Funday morning

Butch and I plan to ride the trail this morning...will let you know later how it goes and what we see.
Butch worked on my bike last week and it is working so great. Just like new.


I failed to mention one solitary thing about the Deja Vu group gathering at our house last Thursday evening. The truth of the matter is it was a really great time! I had so much fun and got so involved I forgot to take even one picture. Darn!