Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday morning walk

Today was a walking day and I was feeling it. Very high humidity. Most of the time if I have an ache or pain I can walk it out. I could this morning but it took about 3/4 of a mile. Low back pain. I had a broken back ( 3 vertebrae) when I was 13 so I suppose it should not be too much of a surprise that old Arthur kicks me in the backside on occasion. It strikes me that it is worse on humid days.
 I started my walk at 6:00am. The sun had not yet risen but it was light out.

These are today's trail pics.
Tree Bones

 Sunrise 1
 Sunrise 2
 Sunrise 3

And then there are the black rabbits. I had heard they existed but had not seen them til today. Apparently, they are escapees. They look healthy and happy!
 Located at the east end of Madison street

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