Saturday, September 3

Red All Over Coleslaw

I was telling Keri about the following recipe and she thought it sounded really good. So do I! And then she suggested I put it on the blog. It helps to have these recipes on the blog. Then if my computer should go belly up I will still have many of my favorite recipes.

Red All Over Cole Slaw
10-ounce package grated red cabbage*
Medium red onion, diced
½ cup dried cherries or cranberries
½ cup red pistachios (optional)
10-ounce can shredded beets, well drained (optional)
10- to 12-ounce jar strawberry or raspberry jelly, jam or preserves
1/3 cup raspberry vinegar
In a small saucepan, gently heat the jam or jelly until it softens and stir in vinegar. Fold
into a mixture of all the other ingredients. Stir again before serving.
*If you prefer to grate your own red cabbage you’ll need about 6 cups 

PS Butch would not touch this recipe in a million years. I do not think I could sneak it past him no matter how hard I tried. Still it sure sounds good to me.

Friday, September 2

Todays entry...

I have been meaning to get some new pictures to update our work on the house but other stuff kept getting in the way. Maybe tomorrow.
I succumbed to peer pressure and did not use Roundup on my flower bed. I pulled all the weeds, flowers etc to start over with a clean slate. Neighbor Bill across the street asked me if I wanted some iris. Since mine did not bloom this year I said I certainly would like some iris. After digging mine all up I did think I might try replanting them to see if their problem was merely needing a new place to bloom. Maybe....still undecided. Friend Denise offered me some seeds from her really strange but beautiful plant named "Love Lies Bleeding"
Here is a picture of it taken from Google images.

I was hot tired and very sweaty after tackling the flower bed. Took a shower and got into dry clothes and then the mail came. With a bill for $106 . Butch and I have very good health insurance and we have paid dearly for it. We have not had one medical expense not paid for in all the years we have had it until we moved here. I swallowed hard and paid the first small bill from the clinic we now deal with, knowing full well that it had to be incorrectly submitted or it would have been paid. But then we got a bigger bill today for a tetanus shot given to Butch.  So I called billing and was told that Blue Cross/Blue Shield never pays for tetanus. I told her ours does and always has. She said you had better call them because they are not now. I was more than a little pissed off. So I called them. They informed me the problem is the way it was submitted. The clinic needs to send them a  paper from Medicare stating the  denial  and then they will pay it. This seems very fundamental to me. Apparently the clinic is submitting the bill to BC/BS BEFORE they have the denial from Medicare. Of course they will not pay it before Medicare denies it. If this issue cannot be resolved we will be going somewhere that can handle our insurance issues. As it is I cannot get it resolved until Tuesday morning. I am hoping it is a simple thing. When things cannot be resolved for several days it is hard for me to put it out of my mind until it can be resolved. 

Thursday, September 1


They say we may break records today for high temperatures on this date. Probably. It was 71 when I arose this morning. There are roofers on the Habitat for Humanity house 2nd house north of us and two have shed their shirts already and look kinda shiny. My friend Colleen told me she thinks that guys who choose that line of work are a different kind of guy and I agree. I do not think that is exactly how she said it but the meaning is close.
Butch says the Beef Nacho Casserole is a keeper. Just so you know.
Butch has started on the west door in the breezeway by building a new wall. At least I think that is the plan. I have started the brides bracelet and after the really wide one this seems to be zipping right along.
I am feeling the push of the heat and really MUST get my walk in so maybe I will chat more later.
Bye 4 now

Link of the day

Into genealogy then you most likely already know about this site, if not then take a look.

"Search the Family History Library's genealogy database, which contains
millions of names from thousands of family trees. A project of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

Wednesday, August 31

Latest bracelet

This one is for a wedding gift. It measure 1 1/2 inch wide and 8 inches long because it is for the groom. I have another to get done for the bride. It seems like I have been on this big one a long time but if you take out the house construction I have done in between it is probably not as long as I think. I sure hope the giver and the recipients like it. I know I do!

There is gold in them thar hills! I put one gold bead (Indian Spirit) in the bracelet. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you might find it. I did. 

Tuesday, August 30

And then...

Sunday I went to the conference center on Lake Panorama for a J.I.G.'s gathering. For those who do not know, JIGS is Jefferson Iowa Girls. Jigs meets about once a month and it is made up of women who grew up in Jefferson. It is a great time to visit and see old friends and acquaintances we do not have the opportunity to visit  with regularly. There were seven of us in attendance and it was fun.
While I was thus occupied Butch was home trying to install a new shower door in the motorhome. He was still at it when I returned home and we continued to be at it until after 8:00 PM that evening. Now we have a new shower door and I can get in and out of it unassisted ...and that is a good thing.
Yesterday Butch went out to Leo and Keri's to help Leo with a Direct TV satellite dish. He was not successful and it is a sore and painful subject for Leo and Keri. We have been very successful in getting assistance from Direct TV. Let's just say Leo and Keri have not.
While Butch was gone I ran across a casserole recipe and I happened to have all the ingredients on hand. It was for Beef Nacho Casserole so I decided why not make it for lunch. It is still warm enough that I did not want to use the moho oven so I baked it in the garage stove. Worked out great and the casserole was sitting on the table when Butch came home. I asked him if he would like some. He said sure. Now Peggy and Kay S. are going to love this and roll on the floor laughing. His next statement was ..."Who brought that?"
Would you guess that I rarely turn on an oven?

Monday, August 29

From Grandpa Gary

When you have some free time I uploaded 5 new videos. Grandpa and Grandma had a great weekend! We got to spend over 48 straight hours with Elise Teeter.

Sunday, August 28


Yesterday friends Bill and Bev Gunderson  from Atlantic IA came to see us and we did lots of things. There were city wide garage sales and a Flea Market and Crafts sale. There was also a quilt show but there was not enough interest among us to pay the entry fee. So after looking over the house and discussing our progress we went to the fair grounds to look over what all was being offered at the Flea market/Craft sale. We moseyed through the historical museum and that prompted much discussion about the olden days. When we tired of that we went uptown to enjoy a another wonderful meal at the Tea Garden, still my favorite place to eat in Jefferson. I had turkey and broccoli quiche and it was super. Everyone enjoyed their meal.
Then we went on a tour of the area golf courses. We also stopped at Leo and Keri's and saw that Leo was struggling with his lawn machinery. And then back to our place for a sit and visit.  Great day with old friends.

Off to see the tractors...Big whoop

Caught by surprise...sorry Bev.

At the Historical Museum

Log Cabin Kitchen

Hey there is one we missed!!