Thursday, September 3

Rode a bit

Butch went to Ames yesterday to do some electrical stuff in his brother Leo's rental house. I rode the trail about 4 miles south and back.
As I ride I am scoping out potential spots for us to buy and I do spot one now and then. Found one on the north side of the track in Jefferson.
It is the perfect size lot-would be easy to access with an RV. In a part of town where no one would give a darn if we were there or not. BUT it is a scant half block from the very active railroad. In my mind that is the only negative. Would our friends not come because of train noise? I know we would get used to it. I can sleep in a busy truck stop and have a few times. This is our current dilemma.
So tell me...would train noise keep you from visiting for a week or more? Keep in mind there are three nice,inexpensive golf courses within 7 miles. And a bike trail within a quarter mile.So? Watcha think?

On the bike trail.

Tuesday, September 1

Went to Cooper

Went to Cooper yesterday and met Chris Henning who showed us around town and gave us bunches of info. While we were looking around a very large insect flew by us and landed. Turned out to be this Praying Mantis.

Monday, August 31


Butch played in the Bill Franey Golf Tournament and I rode to Cooper on my bike. Stopped and visited with the O'Brien sisters,Colleen and Denise on my return to Jefferson.
The coolness in the air is turning our thoughts southward but a family event is keeping us in Iowa until Mid-October. I have to get permission yet to post the event here. So keep up with the blog to find out what and when.
Our friend Pecan Bill is once again battling staph infection. So help him out with as many prayers as you can spare.

The Babies

Saturday we went to Boone and watched Jason and Laura play with Ethan all afternoon and then we came home and there was a new picture of Nina in our email. It was a great BABY day.

Sunday, August 30

A computer related post

Below is a portion of a Ask The Computer Lady newsletter. It explains exactly why I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and never went back.
" Dear Computer Lady,

My computer runs on Windows XP and my e-mail is Outlook Express. I
am having trouble opening links in my e-mails. It comes on and
says Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close
down. Can you please help me with this problem. I enjoy all your
help and hints very much.

Thank you, Donna

Dear Donna,

It sounds like you are having a problem with Internet Explorer. When
you click on a link in an e-mail message, your computer is supposed
to open that link in your default web browser. From your
description, your browser is Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is part of Windows, and often times,
the only way to fix it is to actually reinstall Windows XP. This is
a big job that requires you to backup your files and then erase
your hard drive.

Some other options might be to install Mozilla Firefox or Google
Chrome and use one of those programs as your default browser."