Tuesday, August 9

Story about a phone.

My phone has been losing power. The battery lasts about 2-3 hours. It is on the charger more than it is off. Now to back up a bit, I had a problem with a phone a couple of years ago. That was when I learned that if your phone goes completely black and does not seem to respond, hold the buttons on the back down for at least 30 seconds and it will come back like magic. But this is a different problem. When I had the previous problem the helpful person at the Perry Verizon store told me about Chuck. She said Chuck can fix anything so if the 30-second thing doesn't work, call Chuck. I remembered that.
 So smarty that I am, I figured how hard can it be to swap out a battery. I can buy a replacement battery on Amazon for $9.95 free shipping. Then I go to Youtube for directions on swapping it out. That brought me up short.  And I learned it can be quite intimidating.
Then I remembered Chuck. This morning I called Perry and was lucky enough to get the same person who told me about Chuck to begin with. She gave me the phone number and said be sure to ask for Chuck. I was very lucky. Chuck answered the phone!
I said, "I have purchased a replacement battery for my phone but now I am intimidated about putting it in the phone." He said, "Oh, you do not want to do that!" "Bring it to me and I will do it for $20."  He works in a Verizon store in DesMoines.  I think I am going to like Chuck. I did find out you do not joke with Chuck. I was and I could tell he wasn't "getting it". I think Chuck might be the best kind of nerd. All business!

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