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properly recycle your old lithium-ion batteries

How to properly recycle your old lithium-ion batteries.

Call2Recycle’s mission is to make Americans aware of the dangers of improperly recycling or disposing of lithium-ion batteries. It has a network of 14,000+ recycling centers in the U.S. According to their website, Call2Recycle has a public drop-off location within 10 miles of more than 87% of people living in the U.S. And it’s 100% free to all U.S. consumers. There are two drop-off locations within 10 miles of me – Lowe’s and Home Depot. I don’t have any lithium-ion batteries to recycle right now – but I have tossed old cell phones in the trash in the past. I was never aware of the potential dangers of throwing old cellphones and/or lithium-ion batteries in the trash… but I am now. And so are you.
Visit this page to find the nearest battery recycling center to you.
To learn what types of batteries you can recycle, check this page.
You never have to pay to recycle your old batteries; the rechargeable battery program is funded by major battery and product manufacturers.

Living in Canada?

If you’re one of our Canadian friends, visit Call2Recycle’s Canadian website here.

Monday, May 21

Hummingbird Mister DIY Bird Bath

Hummingbird Mister DIY Bird Bath
Hummingbird Mister

Create a hummingbird mister to give these little jewels a place to bathe and play!
By Kris Drake

Hummingbird Mister
Hummingbirds have difficulty bathing at traditional bird baths, but love to fly through the mist! This DIY bird bath project creates the perfect place for hummingbirds to play and bathe. Decorate this hummingbird mister to match your backyard d├ęcor, and wait for the hummingbirds to find it!

5-gallon plastic container, about 20 x 16 x 12 in.
2 unthreaded 1/2-in. PVC pipes, 14 in. and 15 in. long
1 piece threaded 1/2-in. PVC pipe, 18 in. long
2 PVC elbows for 1/2-in. pipe
1 PVC cap for 1/2-in. pipe
PVC cement
Steel wool
Submersible pump
Small rocks
One 1/2-in.-female-to-5/8-in.-male adapter
3 misters
Spray primer, paint and finishing spray
Start by cutting the unthreaded PVC pipe. (You can use pipe cutters or a handsaw.) You'll need a 14-in. piece for the left leg and a 15-in. piece for the top. In the 15-in. piece, drill one hole in the center for the top mister and two holes for the bottom misters. The size of the sprayers will determine the size of the holes you drill.

The third piece of PVC, for the right leg, should be threaded at both ends. This piece is likely precut to 18 in. long. You'll want to cut this to roughly 12 in., but first do a little measuring. Attach the adapter to the end of the threaded pipe and pump. Meanwhile, place the cap on the left leg. Stand both legs up so they're even. Mark the top of the right leg to mimic the length of the left leg and make your cut. (Once everything is attached, you'll have a large U.)

It's time to attach all the plumbing pieces together. First rub the ends of the PVC pipe and the insides of the PVC elbows and cap with steel wool. This will help the pieces adhere together. Dust the pieces off, apply PVC adhesive to the outside of the pipe, and connect the elbows and cap. Be sure the holes you drilled face up and down. Let adhesive dry.

Remove sprayers and adapter from the piping, and lightly sand the pipes with steel wool. Start with a coat of primer on the piping and let dry. Prime your container, too, if needed. Once the primer is dry, paint the piping and container with the color of your choice.

After all the base coat paint is dry, it's time to get creative. Paint flowers or your choice of design with acrylic paint. When complete, spray your work with a clear matte finishing spray.

Now it's time to insert the misters. Use a toothpick to add a pea-size amount of cement to the base of the misters. Insert into the drilled holes, making sure not to clog any sprayer openings. Allow cement to dry.

Use the adapter to connect the piping to the pump. (If the seal isn't tight, you might need to add thread seal tape.) Place inside the container, and secure in place with small rocks or bricks.

Set your new hummingbird mister outside near your hummingbirds' favorite feeder or flowers, and add water. Enjoy!

Right On!

Posting past

This morning Gary and I rode out to Winkleman's switch. There were quite a few people on the trail. That usually happens on weekends. I am using the voice recording thing to make this entry. It should improve my diction but it can't improve my memory. Today is Monday and I'm trying to remember what happened on Saturday. Not working! If my memory serves me correctly I planted flowers and did yard work for most of the day while the guys played golf and that suits me fine. Aha! I think it rained Saturday! I remember because the guys were planning on going to Atlantic for a golf tournament and were concerned about the rain extending into Sunday. It didn't. They went and despite Butch saying he didn't didn't play well, they came in third in their flight so at least got their entry fee back and had a good time.
Back on track. Last Friday I had surgery on my left ear. It was just a little cyst underneath my earlobe getting a sore and then healing and then getting sore again so I decided to just get it taken care of so I could forget about it. Doc said he didn't think it was anything serious but you never know unless you check. Stitches come out on Wednesday. Trips to Ames have been pretty steady on Wednesdays and Fridays. I am ready for that to quit.
Gary is hooked up and ready to go. He has to get back to Missouri for one of Leo's baseball games. They are a real hoot when you're 5 and not something you want to miss.

New Gmail

If you are trying the new Gmail and wonder where the contacts went you can find out here:
Not seeing the contacts was my first WHAT THE HELL!

You know me, I had to try it and I think I am going to like it because the calendar is handier. Give it a try. You can always go back. To go back a bit- First, if you’re not yet using the new Gmail, open your Gmail account, click the gear icon in the top right corner. If the new Gmail is available on your account, you’ll see the option to “Try the new Gmail” at the top.