Monday, May 20

Bird Rescue?

Jason found a baby bird on the ground and fed it some worms. It gobbled them up easily. He thinks it is too young to survive but he did put it back near where he found it in hopes that Mama will find it and care for it as best she can.

 Look at the feet on that baby!

Sunday, May 19

Locomotive Turntable

Built in 1881, the round block of 
concrete was used as the center
pivot for a turntable on which
narrow gauge locomotives and 
tenders were turned around.
 The Wabash, St, Louis, & Pacific
 railroad from Des Moines was 
eventually extended to Spirit Lake. (Iowa)

Weather Pattern is stuck

Being back in Iowa didn't help the weather as we are in the same pattern we "enjoyed" all winter in South Texas. One day of partial sunshine stuck in now and then but otherwise, we have the threat of rain ever present.
It was nice yesterday for the better part of the day. Preceded by the rain of course. But in the nice part, I went for a walk on the trail. I was mostly there by myself. I did not see one bicycle. All foot traffic. My curiosity got the better of me and I overdid it. I wanted to see what was in bloom and other changes since last fall. I walked the entire 2 1/2 mile route that I walked normally. I did rest on occasion but it was still too much for as long as it has been. So this morning I am hurting-nothing new there really.
I took my camera. These are trail pics of 2019.
 Lilac time

Built in 1881, the round block of 
concrete was used as the center
pivot for a turntable on which
narrow gauge locomotives and 
tenders were turned around.
 The Wabash, St, Louis, & Pacific
 railroad from Des Moines was 
eventually extended to Spirit Lake. (Iowa)

Turnaround point -I 1/4 mile from home.

I see a weathered face in this photo.

 When I took this picture I was some distance from the stump and thought it might be a bird.

 I was glad to get home.

Friday, May 17

Odds and Ends

I made our reservation at the RV park when we take our anniversary cruise on the Mississippi. July 24, 25, and 26. We will be staying at the Interstate RV Park in Davenport. We are excited about it.

I took my last antibiotic capsule this morning and will be tested in a few weeks (June 5th) to see if I am out of the woods on the UTI.

If the weather ever breaks where we have 2 dry days in a row I plan to get started on yard work and Karla has offered to help. Yippee!!

Thursday, May 16


I guess you could say we are settled back into our summerhouse. The weather sure hasn't seemed like summer however the weatherman has said we will be plunged into it today with temperatures in the 90's! Why oh why must it be so high to start with!
I haven't done one bit of yard work yet and I need to. Still haven't cleaned out last falls leaves around the flowerbeds. Haven't even given a thought to planting any Spring planters. I take my last anti-biotic in the morning and I am hoping I can return to a normal life. I will get tested on the 5th of June. I am feeling better. I toyed with the idea of going on the Keto diet and way more than weight loss it promises a lessening of inflammation and heaven knows I have had more than a little bit of that! So yesterday I started in a modified way. I am not sure I was spot on but I was close. This morning my left ankle is miraculously a normal size! I will be doing some serious research on going Keto this morning.

Butch and I had dermatology appointments yesterday. I have one spot on my cheek that we blasted and I have hopes it will be fine. Butch has had two spots biopsied and one is suspect. We will find out next Tuesday the results for him. My next appointment for dermatology is 6 months unless something else pops up.

Do you know why seniors cannot get much done? It fills our days seeing medical people. Didn't see that one coming!

We are scheduled to resume trivia at the Elks Club on June 5th. This time we will be trying every other week. I am looking forward to getting back to it.

Tuesday, May 14

Ode to a Housefly

Ode to a Housefly
Image result for housefly images

By Greg Illes
Nobody mourned when the housefly died.
Nobody eulogized, nobody cried.
As a matter of fact, after spotting it,
Stealthily stalking and swatting it,
Then cleaning up the well-worn swatter
In hot and steaming soapy water,
Hanging the much-used tool back up
Beside the dishes and the cups,
She sat back down at the dinner table
Just as soon as she was able,
To get her friends’ congratulations
And then continue conversations.

Nobody’s sad at a housefly’s demise.
The creature is hated and widely despised.
Houseflies are found all over the map,
Flying in search of a pile of crap.
Dwellers in filth from the moment of birth,
Crawling as maggots in dark rotten earth,
Then flitting and buzzing, to land anyplace:
The table, your dinner, your hair, or your face.
Those little green bastards will ruin your mood,
Halt conversation, and spoil your food.
The much-maligned housefly (and rightfully so)
Will never be welcome – it just has to go.

Nobody weeps when a housefly is killed.
In fact, we are usually pleased, even thrilled.
Once in a room, they will buzz all around,
Driving us nuts with their presence and sound.
With screens and with poisons, flypaper and sprays,
We deal with the pests through our nights and our days.
A sticky wet snack on chameleon’s tongue,
Crawling around on a pile of dung –
Disgusting images flit through our thoughts
As we smash flies on walls into red and black spots.
For an unwary housefly, caught taking a nap,
Will quickly expire with a swish and a WHAP!

Greg Illes is a retired systems engineer who loves thinking up RV upgrades and modifications (and an occasional poem). When he’s not working on his motorhome, he’s traveling in it. You can follow his excellent blog at

Sunday, May 12

Even more Bugsy

Jason and I have never been at a loss for words and we talked all the way to Missouri and back.

It was a real pleasure to watch Elise in her play. The rest of the troop were rough around the edges at times but our girl held up her part very well. This is her 6th appearance in a play. Since she will be 9 in a few days that is a pretty good record.

More Bugsy photos

Jason, Gary and Leo



 One of the Elises roles was portraying a bad opera singer

 It was very difficult to get good pictures in the theater so when I would get one it didn't matter to me who it was so this is one of the players.
 And here is another

Bugsy Malone JR. and other photos


Snipped photos:

Leo's class went on a field trip. He has a redheaded friend.

 Kindergarten Class
   Our graduate
 Leo on the left...

Borrowed sisters horns from her play

Friday, May 10

On the road today

Butch will be staying in Jefferson to help Leo when needed and Jason and I will be going to Missouri to watch Elise's play Bugsy Malone JR. So I will be back home tomorrow, late in the day most likely.
Just sayin'.