Wednesday, April 25

Latest Photo Ops

I finally managed to find the right time to download the pictures I have taken in the past few days. I am pleased with some of them.

The robin photos were taken from where I am sitting as I write this. I have also walked the bike trail (2 miles round trip) a couple of days and I walked across town( 1 mile one way) to the hairdresser on Monday. Some of the pics were taken on the trail. The trail is still in early Spring mode but will be getting prettier with every day now. I haven't been on the bike yet. I tend to take more photos when walking but riding is more fun!


My longtime friend Mickey sent me this wonderful article about our humble hometown. Sometimes those who have stayed in town their entire lives have a bit of a stretch to see Jefferson in the same way as those of us who have wandered and then returned. It is a special treat to see our town through others eyes.

Tuesday, April 24

Inch by Inch

Inch by inch we are getting resettled into our summer home. Seems to take longer every year. The good news is the weather is absolutely gorgeous! More later when I become a lady of leisure!

Saturday, April 21

Trivia update

I asked Chris, the leader for the trivia sessions at HyVee if I could write down the questions he would be asking and he said, "Sure, but why do you want to?" So I told him.😊 If the folks who played at Magnolia thought my questions were difficult wait till you hear these!
Butch and I were happy to be back and we did contribute a couple of answers. One of which I knew because it was one I had asked this past March. I was hoping all my work would pay off when we got back.
Team McDugan came in third and with the teams we are up against that is satisfactory to us.  It is one of the highlights of my week.

Latest photos


When the moho was out front. My windows need a cleaning!

Downy woodpecker

Blackbird. They have such beautiful iridescent color but it is difficult to capture.

This is a Nuthatch.

Not sure if this is a nuthatch or a junco. They both use this feeder. The junco's seem to prefer the ground feeder most of the time.

Getting one break

We are finally getting a break in the weather. The 10-day forecast does not contain any numbers below freezing with the lowest one being 35 degrees. So we will still have to keep it monitored but we can breathe a bit easier.

The uncooperative neighbor/owner on the south is still being that way but Butch with his big rig maneuvering skills managed to get into the north end of the alley despite the lesser obstacles on that end.

The white homemade trailer at the south entrance to the alley was placed this way on purpose. It happens every October and April as he knows we will be needing/wanting access. And in answer to perhaps a question you might have, he does have room to move it forward, lots of room in fact.
The problem started when the city abandoned the alley. They do this so they will not have upkeep on it. The property owners have their half. So essentially the alley gets divided in half. We purchased the lot on the right of his trailer just to keep him from blocking it completely. So this is a game he has decided to play.

The north third of the alley is still owned by the city. Hey! I know this sounds stupid and believe me it really is! As you can see in the photo below there are 'humps' on each side of the alley. Butch does not like to come in that way because of those humps and the scratchy evergreen on the right in the photo. He can do it as he did yesterday but it takes forethought and skilled maneuvering to do it without damage to the motorhome.

Without the white trailer parked as it is it would be easy, peasy. This pic does not show those humps very well.

Hump on the left

Hump on the right.

So the bottom line is we are caught up in someone else's idea of "fun". Big Whoop!

Thursday, April 19

The Storm is over

And tonight is TRIVIA NIGHT! I am excited!

Our Moho is parked in our driveway on Cedar street, Out front in other words and it is blocking the sidewalk. We are hoping the police will come and tell us we cannot park it there. Because our neighbor who chooses to carry on a long-term petty battle is blocking the alley. It is a tedious and tiresome story and one we endure both Spring and Fall. We have contacted a lawyer.
 Actually parking the moho in front works for us in a way because it makes it easier to unload and we can keep a better eye on all the functions. We have not winterized it and therefore run the furnace. We are about to get a break in the weather and will find a way to get it in its proper place soon I hope. Until then I will continue to remember an item I need from the moho and retrieve it. It is a piecemeal operation.

Butch put the feeders out and within 10 minutes the birds and one squirrel were attacking it. Here are some bird pictures:
Missouri Birds taken from Gary and Susan's deck window.



Iowa Birds
House Finches

Cardinal Couple

Downy woodpecker

 Song sparrow and a Junco


Downy Woodpecker

Wednesday, April 18

Butch has something to do.

Butch pulling carpet staples at Leo and Keri's place.
We are waiting with everyone else for Iowa weather to change. Should happen this weekend we are told by the man on TV who stands in front of a map.

Canyon Lake TX at the Linders


Butch pulled into this spot on his first try.

Lisa has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and she is getting boxing therapy to increase mobility. There were perhaps 15-20 people in the room all undergoing boxing therapy because of having been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Lisa says it is working for her and she can tell if she misses a session.

'Oliver the Musical'

You might think from the pictures it was a one child play and for me it almost was. There were some other very good performers and a couple who needed lots more work. And here are some pictures to commemorate all of them.