Monday, December 10

A Big Deal in Jefferson Iowa!

Read all about in the link below.

Poor Fruitcake(:-(

I have a wonderful recipe for fruitcake and I would love to make it but the ingredients (maraschino cherries and nuts) would cost over $30 to make and then you would have to beg people to eat it!

Here is the recipe and if you decide to make it I would love a slice!
Recipe:   Bernie's Fruitcake     12/16/2007
Category: Holiday
Author:   Bernie Craig
2 C Flour
1 1/2 C Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
4 eggs
3 T butter-room temp.
4 -8 oz. Jars Whole Maraschino Cherries (Drain 3 jars)
2 C Pecan halves or pieces
2 C Walnut halves or pieces
1 LB. Raisins

Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Stir in eggs, one at a time. Add
remaining ingredients one at a time in the order listed, mix gently.
Pour in an ungreased tube pan. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Increase heat to 325 degrees and bake an additional 15 minutes. Let cool in pan
then remove. Wrap in foil or plastic and store in the refrigerator. Allow 1 to 2 days for
flavors to mingle before serving.
I never liked fruitcake until I tasted Bernies. :-)

Sunday, December 9

Sunday in the Park

Butch promised to get up early so we could go to breakfast before the rush. And he did! Butch and I have sort of made a tradition of going out to eat on Sunday morning and then doing our grocery shopping. For years we preferred the El Dorado in Alamo TX and that is now where we live-in Alamo, so it was a natural to go to the El Dorado being our favorite and all. But in the nature of things, nothing stays the same and we have been disappointed in the food and the service the last several times we have been there. So a couple of weeks ago we went to the El Dorado in Weslaco across from Big Lots! and for breakfast it has been excellent.  Weird, isn't it?
So back to the beginning we ate at the El Dorado in Weslaco this morning. Shopped at our favorite HEB, also in Weslaco, stopped at our favorite WalMart in Donna before returning home to get our walk in. Butch has been telling me about the Jack Rabbits on the golf course so we circled the course on foot and we indeed did spot one.
And here he is!
I must admit it is fun to watch them run! They run really fast!!

Butch and Dave are now playing golf and I am posting this and going through some old pictures. Liz and Kristi asked me to go shopping with them but having just "shopped" I declined. Hopefully, they will ask again.

Saturday, December 8

Five Important Things

Five Important Things You Can Do to Stay Safe Online During the Holidays

Some computer geeks will tell you to install browser add-ins like safe-site toolbars and to let someone else decide what is safe and what is not. Some will tell you to install a firewall because Windows firewall is no good. There is an endless supply of questionable advice out there, and we know it’s really difficult to figure out who to believe or what to believe.

In our usual, straightforward manner, we are going to tell you 5 things you can do to help you stay safe online this holiday season:

1. Always Use Strong Passwords on sites that deal with personal information, banking or financial transactions.

2. Never click links on websites without thinking. Always think before you click.

3. Always use caution when clicking links in an email. Never click links in email that comes from a bank, credit card company, or other financial institution that asks you to verify a password or your account. If you have a question about your bank account(s), credit cards, other financial institutions, always go directly to their website – or call. Always think before you click.

4. Never do online shopping or banking while using public Wi-Fi like you’ll find at airports, restaurants, hotels, etc. Wait until you’re home.

5. Use good security software, like Emsisoft, that protects you from all kinds of malware: PUPs, ransomware, scamware, Trojans, viruses, etc.

We want to help you stay safe online during the holidays… and always!

Friday, December 7

Yippie Skippie

Trivia night exceeded my expectations. I have had people stop me on the street to tell me how much they enjoyed it and stop by the moho to do the same. We had 3 teams with a total of 20 people. I am anxious to see how much we grow this next Tuesday night. There are many events throughout this park that each person throws in a nickel, dime, quarter or dollar, depending on what the group decides, as a prize for the winners. As per usual I told them the group decides on the prizes for trivia and it seems they have decided on a quarter per person. If we stay at 3 teams we will stay with just one winner. I am fairly certain we will be having more teams and more winners.

Thursday, December 6

Latest Photos

Butch's hair is growing nicely and he wanted a progress photo. I told him to leave his reading glasses on as I have still not adjusted to the idea of him not wearing glasses. To me, he looks better with them.

The morning walk provided a few photo ops. Horseshoe games are right behind us and it seems to be popular.
A Vermilion Flycatcher- Of course, the light was not optimal
Outside the fence, on the far north side of the park is a cabbage field. Being an unpopulated part of the park it will probably become my best site for getting pictures.

If any of you are keeping track of my Netflix choices you may like to know we started watching 'The Kominsky Method' last night and it is funny and very age appropriate for us.

Wednesday, December 5

Tuesday's events

Butch was obligated to take me to see A Star is Born after I went with him and sat through the Fantastic Beasts on Monday so after we got our walk done we ate a quick lunch and went to the Cinemark Hollywood theatre in McAllen to see A Star is Born 2018 version. It is a wonderful movie and everything about it was superbly done. We both cried all the way through it. Therapeutic on more than one level. We had to rush home and catch the second show of Jeopardy, fix supper and get ready for the second try at getting trivia to take off.
It worked!
We had 3 teams and they all had fun. The format was new to them and they found that they liked it very much. I have every faith that it will continue to grow in the weeks to come. Word of mouth worked very well the first week.
Butch is off playing pool this morning out of the park and then he is signed up for an in-park competition this afternoon. He is trying to hold it down but not having much luck. He has always been the kind of guy to say yes to almost anything.
So this morning I have decided to get to some heavy cleaning but that isn't happening if I sit here much longer so till next time...

Monday, December 3

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, we along with Liz and Dave went to Magnolias Garage sales. Saw lots of our old friends and most seemed glad to see us. Some not so much. One suggested we should have stayed and "fight for our park". What she is apparently incapable of understanding is we did for several years to no avail and as it is now there is nothing left to "fight" for and a quick look around the park accentuates that fact.
There is an unwritten rule that when you leave the park you are not welcome to come back and a few people made that very clear so we have probably made our last trip to Magnolia. Anyone with any interest in seeing us are welcome to come our way and they will be warmly welcomed. It also means we will double down on our efforts to embrace the park we have chosen.
We stopped at the fruit market and Don-Wes Flea Market before coming back home. I had my heart set on a pineapple and it has lived up to my expectations. And I have greatly enjoyed the papaya Donn Gordon so generously gifted me. That guy grows a mean papaya!

Sunday- I am so frickin' sick of football I cannot accentuate it vigorously enough! I will be so happy when the season has ended. I do have enough ingenuity to fill my time productively.

Monday- Butch and I went to see the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. Butch liked it. I think I dozed off 2 or 3 times. We are going back tomorrow to see A Star is Born. I know I will like it better. It is the new version with Lady GaGa.

Till next time!