Saturday, February 17

I think winter is over... Sunny South Texas. For the first time in a very long while we have temperatures more like we are used to here. Daytime temps in high 70's and 80's and nighttime temps in the 60's. It would be nice if this happened gradually but that is rarely the case.
Nice change either way. When we go for our walk we have to allow more time because we become engaged in far more conversations.

Butch and I are thinking about going to the beach one of these days soon. I have been finding a bit more camera time and I hope to find even more in the days ahead.

Tuesday, February 13

Full Fun Day

Yesterday Butch and I did something we rarely do together in South Texas-went shopping! First, we stopped at the hairdressers in Donna. Butch has not had a pro cut his hair for, let us say, YEARS. So Mary cut his hair and Daisy trimmed mine. It was a cold day and when we walked in the two of them were watching Mexican soap operas on TV. They said it was too cold for people to get out and that is why they were not busy. They quickly took care of us and we were on our way to McAllen and Costco. Butch likes to shop at Costco but down here I go with the girls. Each method has its value.
After shopping, we decided to see what  Raising Cane, a chicken fast food restaurant, has to offer. We liked it and will be going there again. We ordered a combo- 4 chicken strips, fries, coleslaw, toast and a drink for $7 something and it was plenty for the two of us. They are used to people sharing because they asked if we wanted a second plate.  After lunch, we made our way back to the park the slow way and thus stopped at the Dairy Queen for dessert in Alamo. Butch said our dessert cost about the same as our meal! We had not had a day like that for a long time and it was fun.

Friday, February 9

The Day of the Bee's

Almost a week ago I was cooking roasted vegetables in my NuWave oven. It was warm enough to have the windows open, a very pleasant day. I started noticing bee's gathering around the windows. 3 or 4 of them around every open window and the door. I closed the windows and then there were ever more gathering at the door with some of them finding their way inside. Soon it became alarming because of the number of them. Finally, we managed to get the door shut, turned off the oven and they went away.
My roasted vegetable recipe
 5 or 6 medium Yukon gold potatoes, cut into chunks
2 large sweet onions, chunked
3 large carrots peeled and chunked
2 T. olive oil
splash of balsamic vinegar
seasoned salt to taste

Place in medium to large bowl and stir until well coated. Place in shallow pan and roast at 350 to 400 degrees until browned and tender. In Nuwave 30 minutes in conventional oven may take longer

The bee's think this recipe is yummy.

One of the Coldest

This season so far has been one of the coldest in memory. We have been getting a roller coaster of a ride with the temperatures. Right now it looks like it might give us a break after Monday and then we will have temps in the 70's. I am hoping we can then say winter as we know it is over.

Beckett and Mila

Leo and Keri's youngest grandson Beckett with new puppy Mila.

Sunday, February 4

This Morning's photos

The geranium with nine lives. I have nearly killed it and then saved it many times. 
A form of Plant Munchausen syndrome by proxy?
 A view from my window...

I had to venture outside to get these last two photos. The leaves are off most of the trees these days. Buds will soon be appearing and by months end will be fully leafed out.

2/4/2018 Sunday morning at 7:00 am Moon. I have been on a moon kick since getting the knack of it. This too shall pass.

Friday, February 2

Down in ol' Mexico

Needed to go down and pick up a few meds so we asked friends who stay in Harlingen if the wanted to join us. Brian and Mary Carlson met us at the gate. We walked down to Hector's. Hector is our meds guy in Progreso. Then we lunched at Jessica's, a favorite spot of ours. Panchos Tex-Mex is our favorite on the menu. It was a fun day all around.

The music is excellent so Brian and Mary tripped the light fantastic.

Butch has wanted to buy a hat for mowing in the summer and he seems to think this would be a good choice. I think they would be hauling him off to the Funny Farm. 

Tuesday, January 30

Beckett does it again!

Beckett is the youngest grandson of Leo and Keri and he has a real knack for doing interesting faces when getting his picture taken and here he has done it again! I couldn't resist adding the bubble.