Friday, September 3

Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off or at least that is what it seems like now. Got my walk in-went to beading class-then to Alpena for some quick shopping and lunch at Culvers. I had a prime rib sandwich at Culvers and it was scrumpdilicious , the best sandwich I ever had there. When we came home we watched the movie "The Secret Life of Bees". I loved it but it is a 3 hankie movie. Dakota Fanning always does a good job and it is the best role I have seen for Queen Latifa aside from "Chicago".  "The Secret Life of Bees" will get a 5 star rating from me on Netflix. Excellent movie. And that wraps up my day. It started raining shortly before bed time so we went to bed to the sound of pitty patters of rain on the roof.
While at Culvers the ladies behind me were talking loudly. Not so loud the whole room could hear but I thought it was a tone or two above conversational. They were talking about how often they brush their teeth. One said they always had good intentions but they never seem to brush more than once a day and that was before bedtime. Now this seemed an odd subject for lunch conversation but I know how that can evolve at times. And it got me to thinking. I was not blessed with good teeth so now it is a subject I feel strongly about. When I got my dental implants the dentist told me that brushing the (implant=teeth) was absolutely essential because if I developed an infection in the bone surrounding the implant I would lose them and perhaps even part of my jaw. Now that was more than enough to scare the bejeebers out of me. He also told me that it takes about 16 hours for bad bacteria to form in your mouth so if you brush twice a day it does not have time enough to form and get a grip on you so if you brush twice a day, you are taking good care of your teeth and mouth. Now if someone had told me that when I was seven perhaps I would not have needed the implants. You can bet I have brushed twice a day ever since the day the implants were implanted. I missed once when I had the flu. I am not taking a chance with one of the best things that ever happened to me. I wanted to turn around and tell the ladies the importance of brushing twice a day...but I didn't.
Butch is off mowing greens this morning. He has 3 days this weekend -filling in for the holiday. We are still trying to cut back on hours but not having the best of luck with that. When you know those spiders are over there making webs you feel compelled to take a broom to them. Or at least I do.

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