Sunday, August 29

Work and a rockpile

Butch and I were 13 hours over this past week. We are trying to go the other way and work less hours not more but it isn't working out. Butch mowed greens yesterday morning and it was the first trouble free day of mowing greens that he has had. The weather was beautiful, the mower worked properly and everything went like clockwork.
After he finished mowing we walked to Hillman for breakfast. Stopped at Dollar General on the way back to see if they had horseradish. They didn't so we bought cookies instead. Smileycons! Not totally Butch's fault this time. Butch said I think I am getting thicker through my middle because my pants are rolling over top my belt. I said uh,huh-that is why I wear my shirts over top my pants and have since I was 10. Butch weighed a skinny 135 when we got married and the list of things he would not eat was 3 times as long as it is now. And it isn't a short list even now!
But that worked for him in a way. Maybe I need to be a pickier eater. I like everything!!
As you can probably tell we haven't done a bunch of exciting stuff lately.
I went to the reservoir, a former gravel pit and did some rock hunting. That was fun and the fossils abound there. It does not take long to spot one. There are an abundance of Horn Coral fossils as I have found plenty of those and quickly.

It reminds me of a Ropa experience, sitting in a pile of rocks and looking them over, keeping the good ones and discarding the ordinary ones.

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