Tuesday, August 31

A New Way of Walking

I changed my route and took my camera. It is like looking at the same thing with new eyes.
I started off by taking some shots of the Hen & Chicks in bloom. I thought this the best of the selection.

Stopped at the reservoir and this Mullein caught my eye. Looked it up upon returning home and found out this plant/weed has a two year cycle. This one is in year one and will grow its tall flowering spike next year.

This is the reservoir where I like to rock hunt.

The sumac is beginning to change from green to its brilliant scarlet.

Color is beginning to show in the trees. Just barely beginning.

The Hillman bridge with the Brush Mill Museum in the background.

The new bridge in Hillman is looking fine.

Thunder Bay River

The wood chips for the power plant.

One of natures beautiful arrangements

The back way into Thunder Bay Resort

Once you enter this sanctuary the sounds of the busy little town are muted. Everything is still except for the occasional falling of an acorn.

It doesn't take long for moss to coat everything.

Horse hoof prints- both directions represented

There is a deer in this photo...VERY hard to spot.

The bridge back home
Sunlight sparkles on the ripples

The water is clear- Pure Michigan

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