Saturday, September 4

A Day at the Fair

We and fellow workampers Rob & Ronni went to Harrisville MI to an Arts & Crafts Fair. A really big one with over 500 vendors. Usually these things are long on food vendors. This one was not, as you had to look a while before finding one. They were spread out too. Butch and I ended up with a pulled pork sandwich. They need to get to Iowa and learn about a pulled pork sandwich. It was good but not Iowa good. There were many,many interesting things to look at and I was definitely a Lookie Lou as I didn't buy a thing. Took lots of pictures and came away with lots of nifty ideas.
Interesting wood and the vendor made many interesting objects of art from this gnarly wood.

Golfers are very aware the devil is always near.

Leaf color is a changing

Beautiful Lake Huron at Harrisville MI

Rob rests

Ronni gets some great shots.

Butch water watching

Homeless? No- Rob has a beautiful Allegro Bus RV.
We were very lucky with the weather because it rained much of the night and the temps were in the 40's.It cleared just shortly before Butch had to mow the greens so all he had to deal with was the cold. He wore his Snow Mountain Ranch coat and was glad to have it. It did warm up into the 50's and cleared enough that we did not get wet while attending the fair.
After returning to our warm and cozy home we have been having a few cups of hot tea. It is perfect hot tea weather.
I saw a few,but very few of the bracelets I have been making and they were sporting some hefty price tags. I asked one of the vendors who had them there and she said it was one of a kind because they were so difficult and took so long to make she would not make another one. Hmmm ...I thought, I do not think I agree with you. The price was $59.

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