Saturday, July 31


It is a quiet cloudy day at Thunder Bay Resort. Really have not accomplished much today and in fact I am thinking about a nap. We have a birthday party to go to later in the day so that should perk us up some.

 Butch has a hard time pulling himself out of bed to mow greens on the weekends. It is starting to be too dark at 6:00 for him to start mowing. A mixed blessing.
One of the things I need to start on is paring down my cupboards and lining up stuff for the first garage sale in Magnolia Park. Like 6 wine glasses. I had to slow down to a crawl on drinking wine so I really have no need for 6 wineglasses. BUT I hate to throw them away...and I hate to have them take up precious space in our wee home. What a dilemma!
Butch put in a Netflix movie. House of D so I took time out to watch it. It was a recommendation form Jason. After it started we realized we had seen it before but it was good enough to watch again. Made me cry this time too.
Just checked email and have a Youtube from son Gary with Elise in it. Way to go, Gary. Let's have more of these

And we have these too!

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