Wednesday, July 28

Rogers City MI

Butch and I went north to Rogers City MI, a nice little town located on the shores of Lake Huron. It isn't far up there (30 miles) and Butch was told of a bike shop there that carried Raleighs and he wanted to test drive one on the city's bike trail...or talk about repair on his...or trade-in etc. We arrived to find the bike shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so that part did not work out. We had our bikes with us so we rode the bike trail anyway. After finding it. It is not well marked. I am used to the trails in Iowa that can't be missed as they are marked in a myriad of ways, both on the trail and off. We knew by word of mouth that the 40 mile Lighthouse is located at the end of the bike trail. The 40 Mile lighthouse is so named because it is located 40 miles from Alpena and 40 miles in the other direction from Mackinac City. Butch tried to convince me it was 40 miles to the lighthouse but I knew better.

Not on the trail

 Along side the trail

I wanted to see and take pictures at the lighthouse so that was my goal but we had no idea of the mileage and it was hot and we didn't have much water so after biking 5.5 miles...didn't know that till later...we turned around and returned to Rogers City for a bike ride totaling 11 miles. It was  a very nice ride and one I would like to do again at a cooler time of day. The trail is 7 miles in length so if we had only known we were not all that far from the lighthouse. We returned to the car and drove out to the Lighthouse. The admission is free to this lighthouse and I understand it is the last one that is free. All the others charge admission.
It is a pretty little place and one of only a few that actually looks like a house and not a silo.:-)
Being of sound mind I did not go all the way to the top. Butch tried but it was crowded with people so he passed this time.

As we approached the Lighthouse.

The light itself is barely visible in this shot.

View out the second story bathroom window. (added in 1940) 

A painting on the wall.

We had a phone like this in a farmhouse we rented in our early married life. Churdan Iowa. Yes it was unusual even then (1963)

An apple tree on the shores of Lake Huron. The apples were not in good shape but the view was great.

A shipwreck remains not far from the lighthouse

A little hard to make out.

This gull was playing 'King of the Hill' and saying "mine, mine mine!"

After the tour we headed on back to Hillman and I found I was too pooped to go to the Grill for Silverfox. Maybe next time...

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