Sunday, August 1

Word from a friend

We met Mike & Sharon Bryce at Snow Mountain Ranch and became good friends with them as well as many others. We have stopped at Mike and Sharon's home in Granbury Texas a couple of times on our way to the Rio Grande Valley. In fact Mike and Sharon wanted to come to Thunder Bay Resort to workamp this summer but it didn't work out and we were both disappointed. Mike and Sharon had come to Michigan from Texas to visit grandsons and headed back to Texas last Friday. I received this email from her an hour ago and they have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since. Please put them in yours for us please.
From Sharon:
"Okay guys, it's our turn to ask for prayers.  Mike is in pretty rough shape right now.  We were on our way home from Michigan on Friday when he said to me, "grab the wheel, I'm fixing to faint."  By the good graces of God we were able to get off the interstate without being hit.  I called 911 and they brought him here to a hospital in Joplin.  They ran all the tests and ruled out a heart attack and stroke but finally yesterday found that his carotid artery is "critically" blocked.  We were talking with our doctors in Texas and trying to make a decision as to whether or not it would be safe to get him home for the surgery but he had another episode this morning and I'm afraid he's going to have a massive stroke so getting him home is not looking better.  It would be easier for sure since I'm having to stay in a hotel and without my meds and I'm out of clothes, no support here, etc but think we'll have to do here.  His BP was so high this morning it wouldn't even register on their machines.  I'm worried to death he'll have a stroke before we can even get it done and then when they do the surgery it's risky because he could have a stroke during the procedure.  If all goes well they would keep him here 3-4 days before we could travel and I'm assuming that once they release him we could come home so 3-4 days may be optimistic.
If you could pray that we make the right decision and we get through this I'd appreciate it.  "

Yes, we will Sharon. You can count on it.

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