Tuesday, July 26

Monday, Monday

July 25, 1959 we were married and they said it wouldn't last! So yesterday was our 57th anniversary. At least we both remembered it! There have been years where one or both of us didn't remember. Maybe we do now because it amazes even us!!
It was a day like many others- I rode the trail before Butch was up, then Mickey texted asking if I wanted to go shopping in Carroll and I said yes. Butch went golfing. Fun day.
And then at 4:00 we went to friends Dee and Jack to visit with classmates including one of which we have not seen for 55 years. Eddie Tasler! I imagine it is Ed Tasler now but for us, it will most likely stay Eddie. Eddie is here for a family funeral and took time out to touch base with all of us. He now lives in Denver and has for many, many years. It was sure good to see him and he looks good!

L to R Jack Harmer, Ed Tasler, Janet Smith

Ed visiting with Denny Lautner

Ed T. with Ed and Donna Lawson

Two Ed's

And now we have yesterday's trail pics.
I stopped without being aware of the two deer on each side of the trail to greet me. They were posing so nicely that I had to get a photo.

 This spot on the trail is on a ridge and you are looking down into a valley. The river is on the other side of the tree line in photo background.

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