Tuesday, July 26

Today's trail pic

This morning with pleasant temperatures of 65 I rode the trail. Usually, I see a few walkers while still within the city limits but that is about it. Not many of us are up at 6:30 am. Today's tally was 4 walkers, 2 bikers, couple of deer and numerous rabbits and ground squirrels.
One of the walkers was quite ambitious. She was young and when I passed her going out of town she was about 2 miles from the depot. I assumed she would be turning around shortly. When I stopped at my turn around spot and started out a Lance Armstrong wannabe zipped around me at road speed. I have reached an age where I am not intimidated when that happens, just slightly annoyed. They are missing the best part of the trail for want of speed. And then lo and behold the young walker was still walking and at this point, she was nearing 4 miles from home meaning that she would be walking another 4 to get back home! I was impressed! Now if I see her again tomorrow I will be doubly impressed.

I did get one memorable photo in approximately the same area as yesterdays collection.

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