Friday, July 29

Friday at 6:15 AM

I stood in the driveway trying to make up my mind-walk or ride. That last walk felt so long and my lower back was a reminder of how much I needed to walk and also how much more fun it is to ride. I finally told myself that the only way for that walk to feel easy, short and pain-free was to do it more often so walking won. And it was easier and less painful than the last time. New plan-walk one day and ride the next. I get to ride tomorrow!
One thing about walking -it makes picture taking easier.
This plant looks very interesting but I have no idea what it is. I think on my next walking day I will pick a sample and see if I can find out. It is about 4 ft. tall and these spiky tops are unique.

 This is bergamot or bee balm. The picture is deceptive because the color is lavender.

 I have a fondness for coneflowers.
 A runner passed me...

 And a biker passed me...

 By the time I saw this sign I was ready!

This is a soybean field, but to me, it almost looks like a cityscape. It is a cemetery in the background

Compass plant
                                                   Rose hips
Better look at the soybeans

When riding, this cutoff stump always catches my eye. Note the scallop around the edges. Anyone see the big cat profile?

This is a bit of a different angle on our back/side yard.

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