Friday, July 29

Dentist / roadtrip / friends

Thursday I had a dental appt. in Atlantic IA. It was scheduled a year ago. I have been doing great but wanted reassurance. In March I had a laser treatment on my implants and things have been better than good, in fact, great ever since. So I kept my appointment because I wanted to be sure I was not deluding myself. Hey, it happens as you get older. I see it all the time. I got my reassurance free of charge because he said they looked clean and nothing needed to be done! Happy dance!!Smileycons!  So our trip to Atlantic was basically a road trip. We are okay with that because it lets us listen to an audio book. Current book is "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. Great listen.
Here are a couple of pictures taken through the windshield.
                                                   Iowa Countryside

We stopped at WalMart to get some money put on a card for gas and ran into old friends of ours from square dancing. Merlin and Bev Meyers. We stood in an aisle and visited for 45 minutes! It was great getting caught up on all their adventures.

We stopped to see our friends Bill and Bev Gunderson and we were lucky to catch them at home. We visited a bit then the four of us went to The China Hut downtown for lunch. It has always been a favorite place of ours and it did not disappoint. We went back to the Gunderson's beautiful home and played a few games of Bridge before making our way back to Jefferson.

It was a most delightful day!!

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