Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday-Fall trip2016

We started early and it was a trouble-free travel day. I have forgotten that I am not at all crazy about the road conditions on Hwy 19, 79, and 77. It becomes okay about at Halletsville but that is a stinking long way down the road! The worst part for me is when there are two lanes on each side but the outside lane has no shoulder. There is a great deal of northern hwy 77 that is exactly that way.
We are parked in Ancient Oaks RV park in Rockport TX. Probably for the last time. When I called for a reservation they wanted my credit card number. Reluctantly I gave it to them but thought it would not be used until we arrived. We were talking it over last night about going more directly south so I called to cancel and was told that we could get a credit for another time but not get our money back. Not a good answer for me. So we stuck with the original plan because it is very hard to tell when and if we will ever be this way again.
They do have good WiFi. They did not tell me right off. I had to ask and make a special trip to the office for the code. Each site has its own code. So far it is indeed working well.
We unhooked the car and went downtown for a restaurant meal at the Bakery Cafe. It was a good meal. It is the first restaurant meal we have had since leaving Carthage. Being able to eat at home is one of the best things about traveling in a motorhome.
My travel basket.

A possible craft project?

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