Tuesday, November 8

Monday and Tuesday-Fall of 2016 trip

Monday, Nov 7th
We are parked at Antlers RV Park in Antlers OK. They say they have WiFi but with only one bar I say they do not. So I am writing this for a future post.
The travel portion of the trip was fine. We encountered a few light rain showers but nothing to give us any problem. We left Carthage at 7:15 AM thanks to the time change. I was concerned about morning commute traffic to Joplin but it was not an issue.
We are parked in our spot for the night. The manager told us that if we hear a train to head for the bunker.are no train tracks anywhere near here! I think it is great that they are tornado ready.
 Because there
They had a small earthquake here yesterday and it broke a waterline. Butch is out talking to the repair guy. You know how that goes...
Yesterday Butch was cleaning bugs off the windshield and he told me to stand up front and point at the bug spots because they are hard to see from the outside. They were numerous so I marked them so I didn't have to stand there and wait for him to notice. When he finally looked at my handiwork he got quite a chuckle out of it.

Tuesday, Nov 8th
This morning I had butterflies. The past trip days I had been fine. But this morning my phone had no data function. This meant I was unable to program the gps. I thought maybe it was my phone but Butch's was giving the same indications. That made me very nervous. Our first session of travel was on the Indian Nation Turnpike. I kept checking and there kept being NO SIGNAL. The road was also terrible. We crossed into Texas and it was like magic, smooth road and phone service. We were elated...temporarily. I verbally gave the gps our next destination. It did not want to take the whole address so finally I shortened it to Franklin Texas and it seemed to work...for awhile. What happened as we found out after the fact was that the phone heard me say Frankston instead of Franklin and yes there are two towns of those names and they are less than 100 miles apart. So all of a sudden the directions were not making sense. It took way to long just to discover that much and we ended up on some very questionable roads in the process. Finally, after a couple of wrong turns that was trying to get us to Frankston we made the correction but still had to get back on track. In so doing we turned onto a road that was one lane and had had zero maintenance for at least 30 years. It was a very long 8+ miles!
Our top speed was 5 or 6 mph. It was rough, bumpy, and the edges were missing in many places. It did eventually connect us to a county road that then got us back to hwy 19 but what a harrowing journey.

We had a few sprinkles and light rain showers for the early part of the day but the farther south we traveled the harder the rain became and as we landed at the park in Franklin it was raining steadily. I asked the gal running the place if they had much rain and she said yes that it had been raining all day. This is not a park we may have chosen had we seen it before but they are friendly, they saved a pull through spot for us and they have EXCELLENT free WiFi. She also knocked $3 off the fee as a consolation that they were neither Good Sam or Passport America.

So for the night we are warm,dry
,settled and soon to have supper.

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