Friday, November 11

Hard day's work

Butch and I managed to get quite a bit done today. Butch cleaned up the tires and got the tire covers on. I recently read how important those tire covers are to the life of tires so that was a good deed done. I went through the mail that had arrived since we departed Jefferson. Fortunately, it was a short stack and easily dispensed with. Butch worked on getting the windshield cleaned and the cover on it. I helped with ladder holding. We are quickly getting down to usual daily life. Peggy and I did 2 walks today. Butch joined us on one of them. Late in the day I was able to enjoy a long conversation with our friend Kay Stilson and we caught up on the happenings of our summer.
Now to find something to post on the Magnolia Blog and at this moment I have writer's block.

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