Thursday, November 10

In far South Texas

We have arrived at Magnolia Villages/Park for another season of warmth. At least we hope so. They tell us they recently had really hot weather last week in the 90's. But now a cold front has gone through and now these hot house flowers are all so cold. Not feeling their pain just yet as it feels very fine to us.
We came down 77 this year. We had not done that for a very long time. I will have to check past blog entries to see how long it has been. Time can slip away and two years can quickly become five. It is magic. I have seen it happen. As near as I can tell we last came down this way in 2006. And as it happens it was the last time we were on the Indian Nations Turnpike and we tangled with a toll booth. So far that route has not been one our best choices. Perhaps it is because we do not do it often enough to become familiar with all it's oddities.

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