Saturday, February 28

Port of Brownsville Tour-Part 2

Below is a group of pelicans. Most of them had fuzzy heads. I assume the larger on on the far right is a parent of the fuzzy headed ones. The boat on the right was from a far eastern country that I currently cannot remember. The boat looked to be in bad shape but obviously is still seaworthy.

The boat above is Captain Bligh and they provided us with a shrimp sample. This boat looks much different than the one on their website at It must have been new then.

These boats are in for repair.

The pics below are of a ship waiting for demolition and an oilrig in storage because fuel prices are low. There are seven oil rigs in storage in the Port of Brownsville. They will tell you they are here for repair but that is not true.
 A napping Pelican...
 Kay pointed overhead to warn me about this gull because last time I was pooped on by one. No poop this time.
 The next 4 pics are of the swing bridge. We returned to the sea ranch marina from a different direction than in the past, coming through the swing bridge. Here is more info about the swing bridge, the only one in Texas.

 We came by Long Island and many multimillion dollar homes. The only access to these homes is by water.
 And we had a different view of the causeway.

It was a nice day trip and the weather was perfect for it.

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